Top 24 Rio Olympic 2016 Volunteer Interview Questions

Hey everyone is waiting for Rio Olympic 2016 games, As you know Rio Olympic Games 2016 begins on Friday, August 5, I am also waiting for that. I run this interview blog, So today I think to write some questions asked during Olympic Volunteer selection process. So if you apply for volunteer then below are the most common questions you can face. I have taken other sites help for that questions.

So most frequently asked questions are:

1). Why did you apply to volunteer for Rio Olympic 2016?

2). Do you have any experiences in volunteering?

3). Do you have any experience in which you can put forward for the games?

4). Describe a particularly stressful situation in which you have been involved.

5). Are you aware about Rio City?

6). What kind of rewards do you need to stay motivated?

7). Tell me about the 2 or 3 biggest problems you have encountered in your work, and how you handled them.

8). What did you like about serving in a leadership role?

9). What have you enjoyed most about previous volunteer positions?

10). How much time would you like to volunteer?

11). How many people were in the largest group that you have supervised? What kinds of positions were involved?

12). What if a team member says, "I won't work with you"?  How would you reply?

13). What do you do when you aren't (working, volunteering)?

14). Why are you supporting (the Nonprofit) as opposed to other groups working on (the Cause)?

15). What positive or negative school experiences have you had?

16). What would you do if a fight breaks out?

17). Tell me about a situation when you had to juggle different responsibilities and how you handled it.

18). What does customer service mean to you?

19). What do you want to gain from this role?

20). What's your favorite subject in school?

21). When you last (volunteered, made a donation, etc.), how did that make you feel?

22). What might (someone) be surprised to know about you?

23). How would you respond if you had a great idea and a staff member said no?

24). Describe what doing this role successfully looks like to you. Where do you feel like you will need the most training and support?



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