What are the top features of Appian BPM suit? Interview Question

This is the most frequently asked BPM tool interview questions even if you are preparing for IBM BPM tool, So here are the features of Appian BPM tools features..

Process is simply sets of activities and transactions conducted regularly to achieve business objectives. It can be:
Simple (e.g., order fulfillment) OR Complex (e.g., new product development)
Short-term (e.g., employee on-boarding) OR Ongoing (e.g., regulatory compliance)
Function-specific (e.g., proposal management) OR industry-specific (e.g., energy procurement)
In a single department (e.g., billing), across an enterprise (i.e. strategic sourcing), or extend across the value chain (i.e. supply chain management)

Knowledge Management:
A BPM platform should have knowledge management capabilities to converge information on from across the organization.

Business Rules:
Business rules are the logic that in large part drives process automation. Rules provide the structure for consistent, automated process.

Social Collaboration:
Social Collaboration is a way to share information across an organization and interact to achieve a common goal. It drives awareness of any circumstance while adding to an organization’s knowledge base. Social collaboration is considered different from traditional collaboration in that it is inclusive by definition—involving anyone/everyone in a group or organization. It embraces a concept that good ideas are everywhere and anywhere.

Mobility represents the ability to use a business technology solution the same way on any mobile device as on a desktop computer. Mobile is a lifestyle. The explosion of smartphones and tablets in our personal lives has crossed into our professional lives as well. But with it is an unintended consequence—the need for control.

Security is about keeping data and operations safe from anything that could possibly threaten it, including disaster, hackers, or anything else you can think of. When BPM technology helps drive the core processes of an organization, security must be a prime consideration.

Flexible Deployment Options:
The ability to house and run your BPM platform on-premise and/or in a cloud environment interchangeably provides ultimate flexibility for organizations with a need to house sensitive data and/or processes behind their own firewall.

BPM can be a complex. Enablement is the combination of programs, tools, and people to make sure your BPM technology initiatives are successful. A Center of Excellence is a proven way to drive success.



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