What are the limitations of AWS Lambda?

AWS Lambda Limits
Every Lambda function is allocated with a fixed amount of specific resources regardless of the memory allocation, and each function is allocated with a fixed amount of code storage per function and per account.
The following table lists the run-time resource limits for a Lambda function per invocation.

AWS Lambda Resource Limits
ResourceDefault Limit
Ephemeral disk capacity ("/tmp" space)512 MB
Number of file descriptors1,024
Number of processes and threads (combined total)1,024
Maximum execution duration per request300 seconds
Invoke request body payload size (RequestResponse)6 MB
Invoke request body payload size (Event)128 K
Invoke response body payload size (RequestResponse)6 MB
AWS Lambda Deployment Limits
ItemDefault Limit
Lambda function deployment package size (.zip/.jar file)50 MB
Total size of all the deployment packages that can be uploaded per region75 GB
Size of code/dependencies that you can zip into a deployment package (uncompressed zip/jar size)250 MB
Total size of environment variables set4 KB



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