Microsoft ODBC Driver 13.1 for Linux Released

Microsoft, in its official blog, states

Hi all. We are delighted to share the Production Ready Release of the Microsoft ODBC Driver 13.1 for Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat and SUSE). The new driver enables access to SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL DW from any C/C++ application on Linux.


  • BCP API support: You can use functions through the ODBC driver as described here on Linux.
  • Support for user-defined KeyStoreProvider for Always Encrypted: You can now user-defined/created AE Column Master Key keystore providers. Check out code samples and more information here.
  • Ubuntu 16.10 support: Developed a package Ubuntu 16.10 for an apt-get experience.
  • Dependency on the platform unixODBC Driver Manager instead of the custom unixODBC-utf16 Driver Manager: This avoids conflicts with applications/software that depends on the platform unixODBC Driver Manager.


  • msqobcsql.h (Connect issues 3115331, 3114970): Missing definitions for AE, BCP and SQL Server specific types were added
  • TRUST_SERVER_CERTIFICATE connection attribute is always yes (Connect 3116639): Setting the TRUST_SERVER_CERTIFICATE connection attribute to anything other than yes failed to set the attribute value. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed Connect issue 2693027 — Memory Leak:We detected this issue independently of the bug report using valgrind. The memory leak has been fixed.
  • Driver failure when connecting with more than 1,024 handles:
  • Switched away from libio select. Driver now supports (theoretical) handle limit of 64K or platform max.
  • Intermittent commlinkfailure when using Azure DW: In some high-latency scenarios over an encrypted channel, the driver could fail unexpectedly. This has been resolved.
For more information, check the official blog



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