Top 120 ReactJS Real Time Interview Questions Answers PDF

As you know facebook and Instagram has launched ReactJS, It is an open-source JavaScript library providing a view for data rendered as HTML.
React views are typically rendered using components that contain additional components specified as custom HTML tags.

As of March 2016, React and React Native are Facebook's top two open-source projects by number of stars on GitHub, and React is the 5th most starred project of all time on GitHub.
Here we come with 120 React.Js Interview Questions with answers for fresher as well as experienced developers, Here we cover all type of interview questions even real time and scenario based. These days big company like UnitedHealth Group, IBM, TCS, Wipro, HCL Zalando SE, CarMax, is hiring ReactJS developers so be prepare for your interview.

ReactJS 120 Real Time Interview Questions With Answers

So lets start, Pdf will be available soon

What is ReactJS?

What are the advantages/benefits and limitations of React?

What two things do you need to pull in on the main index.html file? ReactJS

What is the difference between ReactJS and AngularJS?

Is it true or false that ReactJS is an MVC based framework?

What do you understand by JSX? Explain it.

Write small code that will render a JSX expression?

Can Browsers read JSX? If not, Why?

Can you nest JSX elements inside of other JSX elements?

If a JSX expression takes up more than one line, what should you do?

A JSX expression must have exactly how many outermost elements?

In JSX why you can't use "class" word?

Under what circumstances would you choose ReactJS over AngularJS (etc)?

Explain what is Prop?

Explain Virtual DOM?

How Virtual DOM Works?

What is virtual DOM diffing?

What's a difference between a DOM object and a virtual DOM object?

What is the module loader of choice for React developers?

Why do we capitalize components?

What is a state? How to use state?

How you will update a Component's state?

Explain the concept of ownership in ReactJS?

How to assign form values to properties on the component object?

What is one of the core types in React?

What is the primary type in React? It's a light, stateless, immutable, virtual rep of a DOM element?

How can you set state initially (within the constructor() method)?

How can you access something inside state?

What are Synthetic events?

Explain what happens with React's "virtual DOM" whenever render fires, and why it's so great.

What are props? How to pass and read them?

What is the one method you need to know with state?

What do you understand by Controlled vs. Uncontrolled Component?

What are Lifecycle methods?

Within a component, how can you access props that have been injected from a parent component?

How could you use state and props together when passing data between components?

ReactJS scenario Based Interview Questions

When dealing with events in Javascript, how do you grab the value?

How event handling works in React?

What is the event listener (also property name) in the following code?

What is a Flux action?

What does "handling state" mean? What exactly are we trying to handle?

What are the two main problems with traditional MVC frameworks (like Backbone or Angular, for example)?

Describe what happens whenever state changes (in users, posts, UI state, etc) in a React app.

Describe the difference between imperative code (Backbone/Angular) and declarative code (React).

How does a prop relate to state?

What is redux?

How does the React Router work?

How can you access the currently selected React component in the console?

ReactJS Real time Interview Questions

What do we call to change the rendered output?

What is JSX and how is it used in React?

What is polling?

What is refs in ReactJS? When might you use refs?

What is the short way to display props on a parent component?

How to add a Router?

Name a React.createClass() object that returns HTML or Component.

Once you have a store set up (with actions, actionCreators and reducers), how do you make sure your app knows about the store? ReactJS Real time Interview Questions

How to pass props from a parent component to a child component?

Difference between props and state?

How child components communicate with parent components?

What's a compact way to write conditional statements in ReactJS? Give example?

What part of the MVC is React.js most concerned with?

What is the following an example of?
var HelloWorld = React.createClass({
render: function() {
return <div> Hello </div>

What is the following an example of?

var HelloWorld = React.createClass({
render: function() {

What is the correct way to attach the function 'go...

Can you manipulate this.props.children? If so, how?



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