What would you do if any customer complaint about your service?

To handle customer complaints you need to:

  • Listen to the customer to figure out why they are upset. 
  • Listen to the customer to determine whether any of your policies were not abided by or if this is something outside or not contemplated by your systems. 
  • Next put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Given what you now know try and see their point of view. Why did they come to you? 
  • Once you have heard the complaint and understand the basis for the same, elevate the customer to a supervisor or manager where possible. 
  • Defend if you must. But do not fight with the customer.
  • Once you have listened and understood the customer’s complaint and have avoided fighting over the same divert the customer’s focus to how you intend to resolve the matter.
  • Use customer complaints as a manner to learn about potential flaws in your systems. Maintain a manner of tracking customer complaints .
If you are aware about all these steps then you will not face any problem in answering this question.



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