Practical Tips on How to Prepare for the Entrance Exam

Many are the unknowns that come to the head of young high school graduates who have completed their secondary education, and is that apart from thinking and deciding which university to study also think about the examination of admission that if they have decided to study higher education in a public university.

Thus, to study in a university that receives benefits of 6%, its students have to solve the admission examination that includes subjects such as Spanish and Mathematics or Mathematics and Proficiency Test. For that reason we share below some tips that will prepare you before the test.

  1. To know the subject of the exam that the university has published in previous years.
  2.  Identify which are the topics or contents that dominate more and which you must study to reinforce them.
  3. Make groups of studies and organize activities to help you prepare better.
  4.  Stipulate your study hours in a schedule that allows you to concentrate.
  5.  Very important, before the exam DO NOT disclose yourself, sleep as much as you can to get up with lots of energy and positive attitude.
  6. Don't study one day before you take the exam, that is a serious mistake, what you have already learned will not be forgotten.
  7. Remember that you must leave the documents and the identification that will be asked at the entrance of the university ready to access your exam.
  8. When you arrive at the campus, keep calm, do not despair, as it is always taken into account the time it will take to enter all students. Once inside, locate your classroom and sit where you are most comfortable; And listen carefully to the directions that the teacher will give prior to the application of the exam.
  9. Do not forget to take your pencils, pens, pencils, erasers and calculator, because all these elements are of paramount importance to solve the test.
  10. When you receive the exam, read all the exercises carefully and if you are in doubt you can consult the examiner. Ask the question, do not stay with the doubt, do not be afraid or sorry for asking your questions, and something you can not forget, write all your personal data and everything that the test prompts you.
  11. Once you have the exam in your hands, start solving the easiest problems, that is, from the easiest to the most difficult, work in order, if there are marks that make sure you look at the form you are going to write answer.
  12. Finished the answer of your exam and if you still have time, carefully inspect your operations, you may have something to correct and give a last revised everything done, use all the time allocated to the exam.



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