Top 30 Database Testing Interview Questions Answers for Database Testers

Hi Readers this time we come with very much demanding interview questions which is requested by many database testers, So here we come with most frequently asked database testing interview questions with answers.
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Explain database testing?

What are joins in database and mention different types of joins?

What are different types of errors? Explain each.

Explain what is Alpha and Beta testing?

What do you understand by Integration testing?

What is the exact difference between debugging and testing?

What do you understand by Unit testing?

Explain Software Testing?

What is the difference between validation and verification? Testing

What do you understand by dirty read in terms of database?

What do you ensure by database code scalability test?

What do you understand by scalability testing?

What is the objective of database testing?

How are some best practices you follow for testing a database, that should every one follow?

What should be tested in a database? Explain

What is the CRUD model in a database?

What do you understand by ACID properties in Database?

Write a SQL query to display all employee name start with "a"?

Name any three database testing tool available in market?

What do you understand by RDBMS?

What are your Database testing approaches?

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