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Are you looking for a job? Have you sent hundreds of resumes and don't get good results? We know, going out in search of a new job can often be exhausting.

 Delivering dozens of resumes to receive just a couple of calls, attend interviews and not have a call back or get a hateful and indolent: "we have no vacancy" for a receptionist can be truly frustrating. Therefore, it is important that before going on the hunt for a new job, you prepare very well and, above all, learn to take advantage of any opportunity to sell yourself in the labor market and find a job successfully.

There is a lot of material on the Internet and even books written by experts in the area that offer you a lot of advice on how to look for work and emerge victorious, but we know that you do not have time to read so much material and that your priority is to leave as quickly Possible to find a good job.

 For that reason, we have taken the time to gather the best 12 tips to find work that we are sure will be very useful Start taking note!

12 Tips to find a good job
1. Focus on a goal
The first thing you should do to start looking for work is to have a goal and focus on it. We know that for many people the fact of not having a job can cause them stress and despair, but you need to keep calm. Instead of starting to apply for hundreds of job offers, be very clear about your goal.

And how to do it? It's very simple: think of a job that makes you excited, that corresponds to your academic profile or that requires skills for which you are very good.

With this in mind, you can start looking for a job and make a list of those companies for which you would like to work. Contact them through social networks or Internet portals and request your vacancy list.

Applying for those job offers that match your profile will make your search much easier.

2. Network
Meeting people is a great way to get a job, but this does not mean that you should hand out cards with your random data. You have to focus on those people with whom you can build a relationship: think of people you can help and who may also have an opportunity for you.

Networking is exchanging knowledge, helping each other, collaborating - not simply handing over a card or adding as friends in a social network.

Be interested in meeting people who work in your area and who can recommend you in the company for which they work, for example. Who least expect it could give you the opportunity of your life!

3. Use social networks
Social networks are also very useful for finding employment. Every day, hundreds of recruiters go to social networks to find professionals and fill their vacancies. Therefore, it is important that you create a profile on social networks such as LinkedIn , Twitter or Facebook.

Be sure to place a profile picture where you demonstrate professionalism, highlight your skills, indicate your level of training and previous experience.

4. Use job search sites
On the Internet, you can find hundreds of pages to find work that can help you discover vacancies according to your professional profile, location and even according to the positions you would like to fill. Glassdoor,, LinkedIn, Infojobs and Laborios are some of the options.

5. Have a good resume
A good resume is your best cover letter when it comes to getting a good job. Many times, some professionals who have all the skills to fill certain vacancies are ruled out because of a bad curriculum.

It is necessary that your curriculum be able to show the company that you are the ideal candidate to meet your need, highlight your strengths and that once the recruiter is read, think: "This is the person I am looking for."

  • Include only the data that is really relevant.
  • Select the most important information and highlight them.
  • Do not forget to put your contact information, such as email and telephone.
  • Take care of the formatting of your curriculum and leave it organized.
  • Make a grammar and spelling check.
6. Strengthen your emotional intelligence
It is as important to be clear about our competences and abilities for work as to understand our own and other people's emotions. Doing an introspection from time to time and being more aware of the way we interact, can be an important driver for the job search. Try new scenarios that involve relating to others. Also enhance your skills to work in a team or increase your performance in areas such as creativity or leadership.

7. Always look for more knowledge
Being in search of employment does not mean that you have to put aside your professional training. Quite the opposite! It is important that you take advantage of your availability to prepare yourself and obtain more knowledge that will make you stand out in the labor market.

Sign up for face-to-face or online training or courses to keep your knowledge updated. You can also sign up for events that not only allow you to learn much more, but also allow you to meet new people and build quality networking.

8. Reserve a moment every day to do what you like most
When we are in full search of employment or ambition to grow professionally, it is easy for us to lose sight of our hobbies and focus 100% on our goal. Having clear goals is fine, but it is equally important to find moments of disconnection that paradoxically connect us again with ourselves. Keep in mind what you like to do and dedicate time daily.
Moreover, I advise you to schedule these moments in your daily routine so that the rest of your obligations do not become thieves of your time. These moments recharge us with energy and are of great importance if we want to keep the focus on our goal later.

9. Do volunteer work
Joining a volunteer is a great way to meet new people, stay active and find a good job. They say that opportunities exist, only that we should go out and look for them.

Dare to leave your comfort zone and join these types of initiatives!

10. Develop your personal brand
Building your personal brand is a trend that gives you great value as a professional. When you develop your personal brand you manage to position yourself as an expert in a niche market and you have the opportunity to send a unique message and differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates.

In our blog we teach you a step by step on how to build your own personal brand . Cheer up! You will see how the road to finding the ideal job will be easier for you.

11. Prepare well for interviews
A job interview is your best opportunity to convince an employer to hire you, so it is important that you prepare very well and avoid improvising.

To begin, we will give you some general tips that could help you ...

  • Take the time to research a little about the culture of the company and its dress code. With this information, you will know how formal or informal you should go to the appointment.
  • Wear clothes with which you feel comfortable and convey your personality.

Things you should not say:
  • Here are some phrases that could ruin your job interview. Do not say them!
  • Avoid saying negative comments about other people or companies. Don't be disloyal, don't criticize other colleagues.
  • Do not tell lies. We know you probably want to impress your interviewer, but that doesn't mean you have to tell lies. Be honest, we assure you that this will be well appreciated.
  • Avoid showing yourself egocentric.
  • "I do not have any question". Saying you have no questions shows disinterest. Take advantage of your interview to clear your doubts.
  • Do not ask about your remuneration and vacation in the first interview, do not assume that they will hire you.

Some tricks to highlight:
  • Do some research about the company before going to your interview.
  • Rate yourself and learn to promote yourself, highlight your strengths, knowledge and skills.
  • Be positive, smile and show enthusiasm for being part of the company.
  • Take care of your verbal language, avoid making sudden or nervous movements.

12. Trust yourself!
Nothing more attractive to a recruiter than a professional who trusts himself and his abilities. Therefore, another valuable advice that is very useful when going out to look for a job is to work in your confidence and, for this, you can rely on blogs or books on self-confidence, videos on YouTube about coaching or motivational talks.

If you feel that trust is your weak point, you can hire a coach to guide and advise you in a personalized way.

Other opportunities for those looking for work
If you have time looking for a job and you have not had the success you expected or you simply are not the type of person who is willing to keep an office schedule or have a boss to report to, this is for you! There are opportunities with which you can create your own business or work from home and, of course, generate income. Here we show you some:

Selling courses online
Do you have any kind of knowledge that could interest someone? Surely yes! And selling courses online is a great way to work from home and generate income passively .

This is a type of digital business that has a lot of advantages, one of them is that you do not need to make an initial investment to start selling your courses, so if you do not have money this will not be a problem.

Another advantage is that you can market it worldwide, you do not have to worry about logistics or shipping issues and, in addition, you have flexibility in terms of the topics to be covered in the course (health and sports, education, interpersonal relationships, development personal, leisure, development and career, etc.).

Selling ebooks
An ebook or digital book is an infoproduct with which you can also have significant income and achieve the much desired financial independence . Also, selling ebooks is a great way to turn your knowledge into your benefit and work from home by being your own boss.

Surely you have some knowledge that may interest other people, think a little and you will surely find something that you can transform into your first digital book.

Creating a blog to generate income
Creating a blog is a great way to share knowledge, express yourself and earn money! Yes, as you read it, with a blog you can earn income , and the best thing is that you do not need to invest money to start and you can do everything yourself.

To create a blog, the first thing you have to do is choose the theme. Are you passionate about travel? Do you have knowledge in nutrition and dietetics? Are you good at speaking in public? Any topic is useful when it comes to creating blogs. Ideally, you cover topics that you are passionate about and that, of course, are of interest to other people.

A blog can be profitable in many ways, such as: working as an affiliate, selling info-products, offering advice or working with Google Adsense (commercials).

Anyone can make money with a blog; Seriously, you don't need to be an expert to make this a reality. The important thing is that once you decide to work on this you dedicate time, concentration, resistance and determination, since this will not bring you money in two days or a couple of weeks.

But don't worry, all the effort will be worth it when you start reaping the results.

Having a YouTube channel
Being a Youtuber is also a great way to earn money online. This basically means posting interesting and relevant videos on YouTube and generating income in different ways (for example, for every time visitors see the advertisements that you place YouTube, that is, receive money for the amount of "views").

The best thing is that you don't need an initial investment to do it, you just need to choose the theme to be discussed and start recording the videos; Of course, taking good care of the quality of the recording and editing of the video ..

There are many possibilities to make money with Youtube ! If you feel a little afraid of being a Youtuber because you don't feel capable of generating so many visualizations, don't worry, because there are other ways, such as: the publieditorial, advertisements or public appearances, with which you can also make profitable a YouTube channel.

We hope that these tips to find work are very useful and allow you to find the opportunity of your life.

Best of Luck! Please share our blog if you like it.



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