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 The 7 Reasons to Learn SQL that you may never have thought 

If you dedicate yourself to development (or you are simply in the technology sector) you probably agree with me that lately the picture has been a lot like the myth of Sisyphus: every time you learn a new technology, after six months (hopefully) you get it. change and start again.

This is compounded by the overwhelming number of languages, tools, and work environments from which to choose our tool-set. The cost of choosing wrong can be expensive.

I am referring to  SQL , and today I want to focus on this language and highlight its strategic importance for the professional career of someone like you, who surely is dedicated to development or some other related profession within the IT world.

Here is the list:

1- SQL is everywhere

SQL is to business what force  is to Jedi : it is everywhere, it flows between us and surrounds us. Both in  companies such as Microsoft, Uber, Netflix, Airbnb ... or even Facebook, Google and Amazon (which have developed their own database systems) as any small or medium company that you can imagine, all are using SQL of some form or another. It does not matter where you go, since you will surely take advantage of it.

2- It is easy to learn

SQL is easy to learn (at least the basics), and when you compare it to the benefits of mastering it, investing in learning SQL well is extremely profitable . Be careful, even if you don't dedicate yourself to programming, you can get a lot out of SQL.

3- It is a portable knowledge: it does not tie you to any manufacturer

One of the great advantages of SQL compared to other languages ​​is that it is cross-functional. Many developers when deciding to learn a new technology have doubts about the opportunity cost of not learning others. With SQL this does not happen . If you invest time and money to become a SQL Server specialist , a large part of that knowledge and experience can be taken advantage of if in the future you change to a company where, instead, they use Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL (to name just a few) .

4- Many years of filming behind his back

SQL was born in the late 1970s in the IBM laboratories (no less) and began to be exploited commercially by Oracle (other Nobody , right?) In 1979, but its theoretical origins go back to the relational model proposed by EF Codd in 1970. Or what is the same, it is a technology that did not emerge overnight and that has been with us for more than 40 years giving everything. But that doesn't mean it's out of date.

5- SQL never changes

If changes stress you out as a developer, SQL is to development what gold is to financial investment. This is a safe value. Each vendor implements it differently, but they tend to stay very close to the standard, and the hard core of SQL hardly changes.

Once you understand the basics of SQL and relational theory, you will find yourself very comfortable developing new functionalities on top of it and enjoying enormous independence that you did not have before . And all this knowing that they are not going to turn everything you've learned upside down in the coming months. If Democritus raised his head ...!

6- It is (very) well valued by companies

If good developers are already in demand, a SQL expert is the most valued and appreciated in the technological world. And not only because databases are an essential part of any development (where it is necessary to consult, modify and define databases, as well as design and optimize them) is that companies in any sector currently handle a lot of information, and have a A person who knows how to take advantage of this in business terms is a treasure.

So it should not surprise you that this language appears as the most demanded by far by companies. Mind you, at the time of writing, there were 56,696 jobs postings available on that included SQL (and I mean only in India during Covid 19 Time when many employee left their job in parallel from other technology and field So you can think, Demand of SQL!!).

7- Information is power

It has already been mentioned in the previous point, but this deserves its own point and we also want to emphasize it in case it was not clear to you. Information is power. And who can better handle information in a company than a SQL specialist ? Having someone who knows what they are doing is crucial . Of course, remember that, like Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility.

And what is the best way to learn SQL?

Well, like all important things in life, it depends. What does it depend on? Well basically where you are and where you want to go.

Out there you'll find thousands of free tutorials, courses and videos. If you just want to take a look at SQL, see what this is about, and expect nothing else from life, okay. Go ahead and get them.

However. If you want to learn a rock solid foundation of SQL , with a view to using it reliably in the trenches of your daily work while holding a knife between your teeth ... then stay with us. Stay, because we have planned and elaborated with the care of an artisan , the agenda and the contents of the courses that you really need, and we have big collection of interview questions related to SQL Server you can go through then from basic to expert level.

Simply choose your course and, in less than 3 months, you will probably be regretting not having decided to do it much earlier:

  • If you start from scratch and want to reach an intermediate level, this is your course.
  • If you start from scratch and want to become a true specialist by launching consultations, we have this other course for you
  • But if you start from scratch and, apart from being an expert you want to pass an official exam that accredits your knowledge and good work, then you'd better choose this more specific course



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