How Many Nodes Can Azure Synapse Have?

Introduction to Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse is a powerful analytics service provided by Microsoft Azure that combines big data and data warehousing capabilities. It allows businesses to analyze large datasets, build data pipelines, and create data visualizations, all in one platform. One of the key features of Azure Synapse is its ability to scale out to handle large workloads efficiently.

Node Types in Azure Synapse

In Azure Synapse, nodes refer to the computing resources that process and analyze data. The number and type of nodes you can have in your Azure Synapse environment depend on the edition of the service you choose.

1. Synapse SQL On-demand

Synapse SQL On-demand is the serverless option in Azure Synapse that allows you to query data directly from storage without the need for provisioned resources. In this mode, there is no fixed limit on the number of nodes, as it automatically scales resources based on the workload.

2. Synapse SQL Pools (formerly SQL Data Warehouse)

Synapse SQL Pools is the provisioned option in Azure Synapse that allows you to create dedicated SQL data warehouse resources. The number of nodes you can have in Synapse SQL Pools is determined by the performance level (DWU - Data Warehouse Units) you choose for your data warehouse.

For example, in the Gen2 architecture of Synapse SQL Pools, you can choose DWUs ranging from DWU100c to DWU30000c. DWU100c provides the lowest level of performance with a single node, while DWU30000c provides the highest level of performance with 30,000 nodes. The number of nodes directly affects the processing power and query performance of your data warehouse.

Scaling Azure Synapse

Scaling in Azure Synapse allows you to adjust the number of nodes dynamically based on your workload requirements. You can scale up (increase the number of nodes) or scale down (decrease the number of nodes) as needed.

The ability to scale out to multiple nodes is especially beneficial when dealing with large datasets or complex analytical queries. By adding more nodes, you can distribute the workload and complete tasks faster.


Azure Synapse provides flexible options for scaling computing resources based on your data analytics needs. Whether you choose the serverless Synapse SQL On-demand or the provisioned Synapse SQL Pools, you have the freedom to adjust the number of nodes to handle your data workloads efficiently. By leveraging the scalability of Azure Synapse, organizations can effectively process, analyze, and gain insights from their big data.



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