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This is SET-8, to read from start click here This set contain top 10(out of 80) tableau interview questions answer.
Our last article is about Power BI Interview Questions , powerBI growing very fast these days, So If you are preparing for Tableau then must through PowerBI Interview questions as well, because interviewer can ask some question related to PowerBI.


71). What is the process to adjust the size of a Dashboard? 
Ans: Dashboard sizing options are on the left side of the dashboard user interface in the lower right corner. Various sizes such as size for blogs, iPads, and laptops. It makes sizing easy for any display medium.

72). How do I share results? 
Ans: Publish secure dashboards to Tableau Server or Tableau Online.
A non-secure option is sharing with Tableau Reader.

73). Is it possible to export data or print PDFs? 
Ans: Yes, Export data as a .csv or as a crosstab to Excel.
Printing PDFs is just like using a Microsoft Office product. The caveat is inability to interact with a view or dashboards.
Since the end goal is not to have interactivity become static, Tableau is also not pixel perfect.

74). What is Tableau Data Server? 
Ans: Data Server is a Tableau Server component that acts like a middle man between Tableau users and the data.

75). What is Tableau Online? 
Ans: Tableau Online is a hosted, SaaS version of Tableau Server. It makes business intelligence faster and easier than ever before. Publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them with colleagues, partners or customers.
The power of Tableau, in the cloud.

76). What is the difference between Tableau Online and Tableau Server? 
Ans: Tableau Online is simply a cloud based version of Tableau Server; Tableau Software hosts it so the customer doesn't have to make a hardware investment.

77). When publishing to online sometimes an error about needing to take an extract appears. Why is this occurring and why does it only happen occasionally? 
Ans: This happens when a user is trying to publish a workbook that is connected to an internal server or a file stored on a local drive, such as a SQL server within a company's network. As Tableau Online is not hosted within a customers network our company requires an extract to access the data. If a user is connecting to a local file such as some cloud based data sources such as Google Big Query; this will not be necessary.

78). What is the DRIVE program methodology? 
Ans: Tableau Drive is a methodology for scaling out self-service analytics. Drive is based on best practices from successful enterprise deployments. The methodology relies on iterative, agile methods that are faster and more effective than traditional long-cycle deployment. A cornerstone of the approach is a new model of a partnership between business and IT.
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