This is SET-7, to read from start click here This set contain top 10(out of 80) tableau interview questions answer.
Our last article is about Power BI Interview Questions , powerBI growing very fast these days, So If you are preparing for Tableau then must through PowerBI Interview questions as well, because interviewer can ask some question related to PowerBI.


61). How are targets or goals added to a chart?
Ans :On the left, switch from the Data Pane to the Analytics Pane and drag the reference measure out into the view. Configure reference line to address the table, pane, or cell.

62). Can an ANOVA table be seen for a trendline? 
Ans :After dragging out a trendline for the analytics pane, right click the trendline and select describe. All stats are now available without even having to calculate them.

63). When is a trend considered significant? 
Ans :Looking at the p-value in the ANOVA table can determine if a trend is significant.
A p-value of 0.05 or less is considered good.

64). Can the shape of a trendline be changed if there is a low correlation? 
Ans :Yes, Right click any trendline and change it using edit to better fit the data.

65). How you will quickly filtered out from a field? 
Ans :Right click the field > Quick Filter

66). What is a Set? 
Ans :Custom fields that define a subset of data based on some conditions.

67). Is there a way for end users to make all their selections in a view first and then have the view update? 
Ans :This can easily be accomplished by customizing a quick filter with an apply button. An apply button would allow selections to not be applied until the button is pressed.

68). What are Story Points? 
Story Points are a way to build narrative from data; to tell a story.
Story Points focuses on providing a platform for story building. Presenting data in this way can lessen time to communicate insight, increase depth of understanding, and increase memory of key concepts.
The "PowerPoint" of Tableau.

69). What is the process to make a Dashboard? 

  1. Quick click icon on tool bar. Represented by a chart with a plus sign on the right.
  2. Click new dashboard in the view and dashboard tabs.
  3. Select dashboard drop down in the toolbar. Select "new dashboard."
  4. Right click on a view or dashboard tab. Select "new dashboard."

70). What is the process to show an image, webpage, or text in a Dashboard (dashboard objects)?
Ans :All of these options are available in the dashboard window on the left of the dashboard user interface, below sheets.
Drag and drop onto view.
Pre-select the option to be tiled or floating.

71). CLICK HERE FOR SET-8(Q-71 to Q80)


  1. While Tableau desktop performs information perception and exercise manual creation, Tableau server is utilized to appropriate these intuitive exercise manuals and/or reports to the right group of onlookers. Clients can alter and upgrade the exercise manuals and dashboards online or Server however can't make new ones. Be that as it may, there are constrained altering choices when contrasted with desktop.



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