A resume simply outlines your education and work experience. It is designed to highlight your qualifications and recommendation.Popularly known as curriculum vitae, a CV is a brief explanation of several important points.When you are writing a resume, it is always important to note your educational and work experience effectively.But you must be able to make your resume best of the best to impress you interviewer.As we all know the first impression is the last impression.So your worthiness first by your resume then your confidence.

A good or great resume doesn't make the person. You and your interview make the person.A good resume should be standard, which means it?s all the important not to have a bad resume. A bad resume obliterates your chances, and a good resume is the absolute minimum. There is no one golden resume format.  It just has to be easy on the eyes. From the examples below, you?ll see that all are acceptable resumes.A good resume will expedite you to get any job easily.An Interviewer directly look for the uniqueness of applicant by his/her resume.

There are two most important things that every interviewer first look for:
*Best Resume title- Resume title has an significant value as an attention grabber.Resume Title will allow you to differentiate your resume(s) and is the first thing that interviewers  will see when searching for candidates.The best way to make your Resume Title work for you is to use your desired Job Title or highlight your key experience and qualifications.

*Best Resume format- A good resume format makes it easy for an interviewer to see in a few red-hot seconds that you have the qualifications to do the job ? and will do it well. The best resume format for one job seeker may not be the best one for you. It all depends on your job search, your work history, and what you have to offer. So that's why it's smart to be in the know about your resume format options and understand what resume formats interviewers like (and don't like).

Now what are the benefits of making good resume .So here are the benefits :
*Good resume is one of the most important tools in your job search.
*Your resume is the very first impression you make on your prospective interviewer so your resume needs to stand out as clean, clear, and concise from the very first glace.
*Your resume will demonstrate whether or not you've taken the time to get to know the company, and what kind of fit you will be.
*Your resume is your Opportunity to highlight your unique skills.
*Your resume is an opportunity to communicate clearly.
*A good resume is truly the key to getting the job you're after.
*A good resume will increase your chances of success in any field.

Now before discussing resume objectives first we must understand the importance of resume objectives:

*The first step to creating a high-impact resume is determining what you're trying to accomplish. With a clearly defined career objective, you can write a resume that conveys the experience, skills and training that best serve your overall professional aspirations.

*While it's important for your resume to include a clear career goal or objective, you don't have to convey it through an Objective section. The majority of job seekers may incorporate their career goals into a Qualifications Summary instead.Career changers and entry-level workers should consider incorporating their objectives into their resumes,because their goals may not be clearly defined by their work history alone. If you're targeting a particular position, add a formal objective statement and reference the job opening. The hiring manager will see you took time to customize your resume and that the opportunity is important to you.

*Your resume objective must be short and specific. Make sure your objective is short and concise.  Often one short sentence is sufficient. In the worst resumes, we have seen objectives that are in excess of 150 words.And  If you are going to write an objective statement, it needs to be specific.  What job and industry do you want?  Saying you want to be part of a successful company, where you can utilize your skills and abilities, does not say anything.

*Before we address the Resume Focal Point as the replacement for the objective statement, it's important to understand that employers today expect resumes to be tailored to the targeted position. That means you do not send the same resume in response to each job you target; you tweak it to align with each job. You do not need to rewrite all of or even most of your resume for every job you apply for; but you do need to adjust it to show that you are a fit for any vacancy to which you send your resume.

*Your resume objective must include further points:
  -What makes you different?
  -What qualities or characteristics make you distinctive?
  -What have you accomplished?
  -What is your most noteworthy personal trait?
  -What benefits (problems solved) do you offer?

*A short, direct, proper, Objective Statement may help you land the job of your dreams; a long and winding Objective Statement may well close doors of opportunity as quickly as the manager will close the resume you sent them.


1.Management -To achieve a challenging leadership position applying creative problem solving and lean management skills with a leading company to achieve optimum utilization of its resources and maximum profits.

2.Mechanical engineer Field -I want to use my many years of experience to carry out my tasks with efficiency, professionalism and cost effectiveness.

3.Production Field -My main objective is to become associated with a company where I can utilize my skills and gain further experience while enhancing the company's productivity and reputation.

4.Marketing Field -To utilize my expertise as ?Marketing Director? for a dynamic organization that encompasses hiring a marketing director is an investment. An investment that is crucial to the success of almost all aspects of the organization: Business Development, Sales, Customer Retention, Public Relations, Recruiting and  Database Management.

5.Financial Field -To get a position at a leading organization as a financial analyst or trader and continue my education in the financial field by obtaining the CFA designation.

6.Human Resources Field -To obtain a position in Human Resources, providing opportunity to make a strong contribution by utilizing and expanding upon related education, skills, experiences and capabilities.

7.Sales Field -Seeking a sales position with a reparable company on a long term basis who is looking for an experienced, hardworking, detail oriented team player.

8.Marketing Field -To achieve a position as a Marketing Professional in order to utilize my administrative, marketing, and interpersonal skills with accuracy and efficiency while maintaining a motivated, productive, and goal oriented environment for the entire professional team on board while maintaining extensive customer loyalty.

9.Engineer Field -Seeking a position as an engineering VP/director/manager in initiatives that utilize state-of-the-art, software and/or hardware components with a creative,
  technology-driven organization in an environment that encourages innovative thinking, recognition, and career development. Customer interaction is a plus.

10.Law Field -To improve company profits by contributing bilingual skills and knowledge of civil-law countries in the legal department of a firm that engages in business in Latin America.

11.Advertising Field -To bring out-of-the-box vision to a fast-track position on a creative advertising team with particular interest in copywriting and where i can utilize my skills to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the company brand name.?

12.Hotel Assistant Field -To work as an ophthalmic assistant or administrator in hospitals, or with professionals as surgeons or physicians with a specialty.

13.Company Management Field -To get a position in Marketing & Product Management with a focus on Project Coordination and Team Leadership and where I can maximize my customer-service experience in a challenging environment to achieve the corporate goals.?

14.Company Development Field -To obtain a position within a corporate experiential learning and development company:
 - Organizational Leadership
 - Team Building
 - Client Relations
 - Performance Enhancement
 - Coaching & Facilitation
 - Alliance Building

15.Receptionist Field -I am looking for a receptionist position where I will use my skills in data entry and switchboard as well as my experience with Microsoft Office and Excel.

16.Teaching Field -English Language Traine of ESL or standard English.To assist, encourage and motivate students of every age to demonstrate and improve their verbal and written skills and that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, educational background and ability to work well with students.

17.Teaching Field -To obtain a challenging position in reputed school where my education, skills and experiences can be highly utilized and later be applicable for growth and possible advancement.

18.Management and Development Field -Passionate humanitarian with commitment to achieving social justice through the development of international literacy projects. Skilled in program management and project development with expertise in nonprofit administration, board and volunteer development, marketing, and human resources management and staffing.

19.Teaching and Administrative Field -Talented educational leader with teaching and administrative experience dealing with students, faculty, and staff at all levels. Served students with diverse backgrounds and abilities as teacher and mentor. Possess special expertise and experience in music education. Experienced working in public, religious,and correctional settings.

20.Sales Field -Seeking a position in the sales department with an opportunity for advancement (in effect, you're saying to the employer, "Give me a job where the pay is good and keeps getting better".


  1. Always enter into the interview room when you are told to do so. Don’t forget to knock the door or taking permission before entering into the room. Don't walk in pulling up your readjusting your clothes or tie. Keep a pleasant smile on your face. Greet everyone if interviewer more than one. Avoid a "Lazy" handshake and confidently “but not too firmly” grasp your interviewer's hand and make eye contact while saying hello. Don’t take our seat until you are told by interviewer. For more Info about your career follow this link: Resume writing help

  2. Your presentation is a sensible piece of writing! You speak the very truth top n the article "A good or great resume doesn't make the person". Really interview is not depend on resume but get a call for interview is highly depend on it! If one follow the tips above in this article, should able to to something better.

  3. Job is very important issue in our life. If you don't know how to apply for a job or how is a cover letter then you must have to know that before applying for a job. you don't get a job without a good cover letter. So you have to learn first how to write a sample resume.



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