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Career aspirations are simply the goals you've set out to achieve in either your current profession, or your desired profession.It clearly defines that what you need or want from your work.People often mix up career aspirations with career goals. Aspirations are different from the actual work you do.Aspirations help define your career goals, but are not the exact same things. What do you need from your job? Career aspirations are different from person to person.

When you are being asked about your career aspiration, you would be expected to think of something related to your long-term and short-term career goals, as well as objectives,based on your career path planning. It is very important for one to plan ahead. Hence, it is time for you to start thinking about your career aspirations and set up your career road-map.One of the keys to achieving career success is to clearly define your aspirations.
While finding your career aspiration you must be clear about your strengths,weaknesses,area of interests, your financial needs and begin by taking time to sit in a quiet location and answer these questions:
       *What were my real childhood career wishes and dreams?
       *What are the things that are precious or important to me in life?
       *What am I good at accomplishing at work?
       *What are the work things I don?t enjoy?
       *Three to five years from now, what would I like to be doing? What could I envision myself
         doing? What would I like to have achieved?
       *How would I describe my perfect job?

Managing your career is up to one and only one person that is you.And for achieving success in your life you must have clear career aspirations which will keep you motivated to work hard till the end but if don't have any career aspirations till now then its your final time to sit and think about your aspirations and write it down on a paper to have a clear vision of your future or to get prepared yourself to get in a position that you actually want. Once you've written down your career aspirations, the next step is to identify your goals.Your goals are the stepping-stones you will use to reach your desired destination. Keep in mind that the quality of the goals you set will determine their effectiveness.Your aspiration must be based on S.M.A.R.T Technique i.e

S = Specific- your Goals needs to be explicit and detailed.
M = Measurable -Your goals should have a specific outcome against which you can measure your
A = Attainable -Goals must allow you to stretch yourself, but still be reasonable
R = Relevant -Each goal must have meaning for you
T = Time-bound -Goals must clearly define a beginning and an ending

Career aspirations have two distinctive aspects:
1. Future oriented- goals that can be satisfied at some future time.
2. Motivators- encouragement to achieve goals that individuals are willing to achieve .

People's Career Aspirations can be divided in the following categories:

1) Wants to achieve Career success
- You would like to make use of your professional skills to achieve advancement.
- You seek for a job that provides chances for you to be promoted.
- you want to move forward
- for wealth
2) For Sense of Security
- You look for a job that provides you with a stable income.
- You prefer to work at places that offer a long-term secured position.
3) Wants to be Expertise in particular field
- You seek for job that offer technical or professional enhancement and interest to you.
- You want to become expert in a professional area.
4) Love Freedom
- You love to enjoy freedom
- You are encouraged by your values such as freedom and independence.
5) Wants Balanced life 
- You perceive your job to be equally or less important than other non-work values such as  
   family,religion, health and relaxation.
- You prefer jobs that you are interested in.
6) Talent 
- talent is relevant to great success.
- the most accomplished people need around ten years of hard work before becoming world class.

Now here are the Top 10 Best Career Aspirations Sample/Examples:

1). Career satisfaction - What makes us happy at work? Knowing what type of job and work environment gets you bouncing out of bed in the morning is key to mapping out a satisfying career future.Know yourself.Learn about jobs that are most likely to meet your expectations.Do not allow your job dissatisfaction to go unresolved for long.Have realistic expectations for work.Look separately at the kind of work you are doing versus the conditions of work.Look down the road at your possible career progress.Examine your values that what is most important to you.

2). Career Expectations - Mapping your personality traits with career.because of dilemma that big company means less learning and small company means more learning. Expectations can be of :
      *Type of work                    *Career Growth
      *Security                            *Work-life Balance
      *Working Conditions         *Skill and Knowledge enhancement
      *Pay                                    *Workplace Culture Adaptation
      *Advancement                    *Success

3). Learning - You have risk taking ability.You are constant visioning and setting goals.Learning provides all sorts of benefits to members, to the union, and to employers.Access to learning increases life and job opportunities and can help overcome barriers to promotion at work in a way which promotes diversity.It can improve your health, make you feel happier, and give you the confidence to participate in more training. You may also find that you feel more confident about applying for promotion and looking at a wider range of career choices. This is particularly true when you achieve a recognized qualification.

4). Work Philosophy - It is important to understand how you work best. If you lean toward autonomy and prefer to be your own boss, you might aspire to an entrepreneurial venture or a position that offers freedom and flexibility It can be include:
*Team work where you love to work with others.The advantage of working in a team ?
  Two heads are better than one.?Teamwork Makes a Dream works?
  The benefit of accessing more ideas, working in harmony and helping each other for achieving  
   mutual goals.
*Visionary is an inspired person who tries to follow a vision as much as s/he can. Which means they       might change careers suddenly, begin learning new skills or start their own business, and generally
    prefer less lucrative jobs, if that?s where their dream takes them.
*Unique that  ?Making a difference at work? approach by Adding value and uniqueness to the job.
   Being a talent.It is not the CEO that makes the difference but the company talents.
*100% Effort that to ?do your best? philosophy ? Contribute your best skills, experience and effort
   for the optimal productivity.

5). Financial status - The term financial status refers to the abilities to pay the outsider claim of outsider.If you aspire to material wealth, structure your career accordingly. Risk is a factor to consider.Review your risk-to-reward ratio by examining the degree of risk you are willing to endure to capture the upside.

6). Management - Managers and supervisors.These two roles are critical because employees look to and listen to the person at the top of the organization and their direct supervisor.There is very big role of manager in every organisation like :
               *Communicator - Communicate with direct reports about the change
               *Advocate - Demonstrate support for the change
               *Coach - Coach employees through the change process
               *Liaison - Engage with and provide support to the project team
               *Resistance manager - Identify and manage resistance
               For many people, a move from a staff worker to a job in management is a major career aspiration. Moving into management allows you to be more creative, take on more responsibility, improve your self-esteem and earn more money.

7). Values - Values are what you stand for in life -- they are often things that you are for or against -- what you believe in and are willing to support and stand up for.And are important because they provide us with a road map for the kind of life we aspire to lead.The more our choices line up with our values,the better we generally feel about ourselves.In structuring your career path, consider your value system.

8). Ownership - Ownership means that instead of relying upon others and waiting for the answers to be given to you, you are actively seeking your goals. When your coach gives you a cue in class or a movement to work on, then you go home and research it. Spend time practicing on your own, seek out correctives and mobility work that will let you move how you?re supposed to, and come back better.Take time to critically evaluate not only the facility you attend, but also the people who surround you, the coaches or personal trainer you work with, and your own progress.For many people, the chance to own a business is the ultimate career aspiration.

9). Consultancy -Great consultants are idea-driven and motivated to do everything possible to make the client organization better. They often enter complex, ambiguous, and sometimes hostile situations, but they competently and thoroughly assess what needs to be done.Some people have an Idea-Driven Personality, A Service-Oriented Personality which can help them to achieve success in consultancy field. Those who are people person are suitable for consultancy field. Becoming an expert in a particular field lets you offer your skills as a consultant. Depending on your area of expertise, you can help companies improve their financial management, human resources activities, information technology systems, marketing, production processes or sales.

10). Aspiration for selected positions - Your aspirations can be based on particular positions are as follows
    -Experienced, energetic educator seeking to secure a teaching position.Interested in teaching
      subjects related to English or History at an elementary or secondary school level.

     -Friendly, motivated, experienced cashier with three years in the industry. Customer service
      oriented and takes pleasure in serving the public. Bilingual and can work well in a fast paced

   *Retail Sales Manager
    -Highly motivated, enthusiastic retail sales manager with exceptional, proven performance will
      strive for your sales goals. Experience with employee supervision and retail sales operations.
      Record-setting sales leader, excellent coaching skills and has the ability to boost employee
      morale. Committed to provide a pleasant, sales oriented environment.

   *Financial Analyst
    -To secure a position that enables me to use financial analyst and project management skills that I
      have obtained through my education and work experience.

   *Personnel Assistant
     -A position as personnel assistant in human resources department of public service organization
      that would permit me an opportunity to utilize my knowledge of wage administration, grievance
      procedures, benefit programs publications, safety, labor relations, and employment.

   *Marketing Assistant
    -Motivated business school graduate seeking a marketing assistant position to help develop and
     implement communications procedures and projects. Possess a Bachelor's degree in
     business/marketing combined with international experience from a study abroad internship.
     Thrives in high-pressure environments and is deadline driven. Honest, ethical and reliable.

   *Customer Service
    -To obtain a customer service position at a top-notch company and utilize the skills I have obtained      through previous work experience.
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