Pet Sitting/PetsHotel Pet Care Specialist Job Interview Questions-Answers PDF

Are you prepare for PetsHotel Pet Care Specialist(Pet Sitting job)? Then following interview questions with answers is for you which are asked during PetsHotel Pet Care Specialist job interview, we collect best questions with answers from, So now you don't need to search here/there, just go through following set of questions and crack your interview, best of luck. PDF will be available soon, after we complete top 100 interview question.

1). What experience do you have?
Ans: Tell them anything pertaining to animals! Ever babysat someones python before? Tell them! I am a dog walker/pet-sitter/baby-sitter. My experience let them know that I was capable of dealing with stress (KIDS) and animals.

2). What kinds of animals do you have experience with?
Ans: Be honest. They will find out if your not when they ask you to care for an animal and you look like you have no idea what you're doing! I've cared for small rodents before but 'm kinda rusty. Told them I had no experience with birds and they said I would be trained to care for them.

3). Are you scared of any of the animals?
Ans: Answer honestly!! They will try and work with you if you have a phobia of snakes (or birds, I don't judge) I again told her I was nervous about the birds because I had never handled them before.

4). If an animal died while under your care, what would you do?
Ans: Ask a manager, to make sure all policies are followed and no mistakes are made.

5). How would you deal with pet parent with aggressive dog?

6). Do you have any allergies?
Ans: Be honest, they'll work with you. But seriously, why would you work at a pet store if you have allergies?

7). How would you go up to a dog you thought was cute to pet it?
Ans: I said I'd first ask the owner if I could pet their dog, let it sniff my hand, and then pet it. She said that was a perfect answer because you're not supposed to just run up to someone's dog and touch it without their permission.

8). What is your comfort level with different animals?
Ans: Don't lie. If you can still handle all of the animals I wouldn't mention not liking them, but if you are absolutely terrified of snakes or lizards (or hamsters, I guess) this probably isn't the right job for you.

9). Name one of the hardest things you had to learn recently?
Ans: Gave a personal answer relating to my friends.

10). Do you understand that a good portion of this job is   cleaning cages and tanks?
Ans: I said yes, I knew that before I applied. I didn't care

11). How would you deal with a very difficult customer?
Ans: I gave the "customer is always right" line, and she followed up asking what I would do if there was still no pleasing them. I told her I didn't know (this was my first ever interview, OK?) and she told me the answer she was looking for would be requesting help from a manager.

12). What pets do you have? 
Ans: Emphasize your skills with animals they sell in addition to your dog or cat. I said I have a hamster and have worked with birds.

13). What was a time you had a difficult experience with a   customer? What happened?
Ans: I told a story about a time I was working at a restaurant and a woman got mad at me for something beyond our control. I told the interviewer how I resolved the problem. It was a resolution that made the customer mad, but I emphasized that that is what the management wanted and ultimately - it's not my business, it's theirs.

14). Why do you want to work at PetSmart?
Ans: I love working with animals, and am planning on having a career with them

15). Is there anything that you would refuse to work with, such as snakes, or crickets?
Ans: Be honest. If you are allergic or too frightened to touch an animal in the store just tell them, and they will do their best to work with you. Many people I worked with had allergies, and one had a phobia of snakes.

16). How do you communicate when you are unsatisfied?
Ans: I told her that I always communicate any sort of discontent or disagreements I may have.

17). Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer. What did you do? Were you able to resolve the issue. 
Ans: I was specific. I told about a time from another company the an elderly man had walked into my office demanding a product that my company offered, but I did not have anything to do with. He was very angry and wanted to quit his service with us. I told him I could help him get that product and offered him a seat while I called the appropriate department. Luckily the department I needed was in the same building. One of the supervisor came down with the product he needed. He left satisfied and we retained the customer.

18). Tell me about your past experience with pets. Which animals do you know best?
Ans: I worked at 2 small pet shops previously where I cared for birds, reptiles, fish and small mammals. I know birds well. I can trim wings, nail and file beaks. I have also hand-fed parrots, and raised lovebirds and cockatrices. I also know reptiles very well and have hatched leopard gecko eggs. I can force feed reptiles and snakes if needed.



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