What are the strength/advantages of Tableau Desktop Software? / Interview Question

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What are the strength/advantages of Tableau Desktop Software?
  • Speed
The greatest strength of Tableau is its speed with which it analyzes hundreds of millions of rows and gives the required answers in seconds. This quality comes in very handy when fast business decisions need to be taken.
  • Ease of use
Another strength of Tableau is that it is very easy to use. It’s just basic drag and drop. One can start using Tableau even with no prior programming experience. With just basic MS Excel skills one can easily learn Tableau.
  • Beautiful and interactive dashboard
The Dashboard of Tableau is very interactive and gives dynamic results. Rich visualizations can be created very easily. The graphics and charts are smart and beautiful. Images, web pages and documents can be added into the dashboard for easy story telling. All this leads to a much insight into the data.
  • Direct connection
Tableau allows the users to directly connect to databases, cubes, and data warehouses etc. The data access is so easy without any advanced setup and the data is live that keeps getting updated on its own. One can pick tables from spreadsheets to data from Hadoop to create a perfect mash-up and get desired results in no time. This is simple ad hoc business analytics.
  • Easy publishing and sharing
After analyzing the data, the results can be shared live with just a few clicks. The dashboard can be published to share it live on web and mobile devices.
  • Growing market
Tableau is relatively new in the Business Intelligence market but its market share is growing on a daily basis. It is being nearly all industries, from transportation to healthcare. It has big client base, which consists of big companies like Microsoft, Nokia, PwC and Deloitte. They use Tableau on a daily basis to meet their business Intelligence requirements.



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