What are the weakness/disadvantages of using Tableau Desktop Software? / Interview questions

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What are the weakness/disadvantages of Tableau Desktop Software?
    *Not comprehensive solution, specialize in BI
    *No predictive analytical capabilities
    *Customization and Integration with other apps
    *Expandability for analytics
    *Hard to integrate with Social media

  • Not comprehensive solution, specialize in BI Tableau Software is an easy to use BI application, but still not a platform for developing analytic applications that can be broadly shared. It is not designed for enterprise wide deployments that have broad business and technical user populations.

  • No predictive analytical capabilities Tableau Software allows users to only analyze what has happened. And, Tableau Software does not have any statistical or predictive capabilities (they do not support SAS, S+, R, ect. like Spotfire does). Therefore users cannot model or project the best cross-selling or upselling opportunities. In fact Tableau Software is statistically “challenged” and is extremely limited; providing users with less statistic functions than Microsoft Excel.

  • Customization and Integration with other apps Due to its not open-source based nature and market commodity, Tableau Software cannot be customized or integrated with other applications (such as Salesforce.com®). Basically what comes in the box is what you get. No way to extend it. However, their official website has Forum section, users could vote for their ideas, whenever reaching the threshold, the company would response and probably add such features in the following version and update for purchased packages.
  • Expandability for analytics  Tableau Software does not support expanded analytic such as Box plots, network graphs, tree-maps, heat-maps, 3D-scatter plots, Profile Charts or data relationships tool which allow users to mine data for relationships like another data visualization software does.
  • Social media integration Tableau Software does not integrate collaborative capabilities into social platforms (like Twitter, Microsoft SharePoint, etc.). A very hot trend. It is for Business users to share their findings and progress. Think of it like – email meets Twitter meets Facebook. Due the current trend and users’ need, Tableau has integrated Google Analytics into its platform.
  • Robust enterprise-class security Tableau Software is not organizationally equipped to serve enterprise customers. Tableau Software lacks robust enterprise-class security (only supports Microsoft Active Directory). Therefore post-sale customer support and training are quite limited.

  • Tableau's Server solution has low concurrent user support at ~40 per 8 core server. Customers end up buying many more Tableau Server cores than they initially estimate to achieve acceptable performance.  
  • Tableau's poor technical support is an annual pain point with customers. Tableau support pales when compared to Microsoft Premier Support. 
  • Tableau's conditional formatting and limited 16 column table displays are pain points for most Excel users. Even in the Public Preview, Power BI supports more than 16 columns. 
  • Tableau's mapping does not support address level mapping with providing geocoded latitude/longitude. Power View maps have has that support for a few years now. 
  • There is no equivalent to Power Query for data cleansing and transformation that takes up most business analyst time – getting data reporting ready. They refer folks to use Alteryx or another ETL tool. 
  • Tableau has weak semantic modeling and data modeling. Analysis Services and Power Pivot are best in class with regards to data modeling. 
  • Tableau no version control, governance and other commonly desired enterprise level features. 
  • Tableau's parameters are static meaning any change to data requires republishing the dashboard. 
  • Tableau does not offer top requested export dashboard to Excel or PowerPoint. 
  • Tableau does not offer top requested mobile BI data-driven alerts that Power BI does now offer. 
  • Tableau does not offer Q&A for natural language queries. 
  • Tableau does not offer support for streaming dashboards. You need to add JavaScript to the Tableau Server to try to emulate real-time. You can add code to Tableau Cloud.


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