Here are the interview planing tips and tricks you can follow before/during/after interview, which will help you to crack interview and get good packages in industry.
The following is a checklist that can be used by the interviewer to prepare for the interview.

Before the Interview:
# Respond to interview scheduling requests w/in 24 hours and commit 100% to the date
# Ensure calendar is cleared prior to interview to prep, and after to write feedback
# Prepare technical/functional questions as outlined by Hiring Manager
# Prepare office or interview space - turn off monitor, phone ringer, cell phone, clean whiteboard
# Clear confidential material
# Select and prepare 1 – 2 questions per competency
# Have a clock in view in order to keep the interview on track
# Understand interview strategy and specific areas of focus
# Read job description, resume, interview schedule, and previous feedback if appropriate
# Review Candidate Value Proposition and determine selling points for the group and for Microsoft

During the Interview:
# Make sure candidate is physically comfortable, offer beverage, use of facilities
# Build rapport and set expectations
                * Use conversation starters
                * Share context of your role, role on the team, etc.
                * Start with opening/warm up questions
# Use a Structured Interview
               * Ask all candidates the same targeted questions
               * Assess overall Microsoft hire as well as hire for the position
# If a lunch interview, allow plenty of time for the candidate to eat without having to talk
# Practice the 80/20 rule
# Take notes discreetly
# Leave time to answer questions, and for sharing information about the group and Microsoft
# Finish on time and provide candidate with your business card for any follow-up contact.
# Thank candidate for his or her time and communicate next steps in the schedule.

After the Interview:
# Provide verbal feedback to the next interviewer such as areas to probe; feedback should be neutral,
     no recommendation or decision given
# Complete written feedback within 30 – 60 minutes
# Accompany candidate to the next interviewer or to a predetermined waiting area. If appropriate,
    call a shuttle
# Don’t leave the candidate until you have officially handed them off to the next person or
    communicated the end of the process


  1. "If a lunch interview, allow plenty of time for the candidate to eat wihtout having to talk" - great point, otherwise why choose a lunch interview. Besides seeing how a person eats and what he eats says a lot about him/her. I like the key structure of the post. Usully it's easier to digest information when it's done in such a manner.

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