Why is Digital Marketing Important for Business

Digital marketing is one of the very common word that we hear everyday and it is one of the very first lessons taught to marketers. Digital marketing is a way of publicizing your products on a global level through the digital way. Digital way means by advertising your products on various devices such as computers, televisions, laptops, smart phones, etc. on various operating platforms such as the Android, Windows, MAC, iOS, etc. via the internet.

To explain it in a more simpler way let me take a simple example, suppose there is a tsunami hitting your city tomorrow, what will be the condition of your city? You may say that there will be a lot of damage caused to the city such as houses getting washed away, all the streets getting dirty, people sinking in water, etc. So summarizing the story there will be a lot of damage done to the city and you will be finding some safe place for yourself and you will be sitting there.

Now answer one of my questions. Who will reach faster to you, your government’s help services or a mail from Flipkart or Amazon?

You will surely say that the mail of Flipkart or Amazon will be the first thing to reach to you before everything else. And most probably that is the correct answer but did you ever imagine how?

The reason behind this is that all the leading online giants such as Flipkart, Amazon and others are straightaway connected to you from your phone. Those offers that they give you for downloading their app or trying a discounted purchase indirectly connects you with them and you become a part of the huge database they have of their customers. Those methods of rewarding you with offers and going app only services have allowed them connect to you directly on your smartphones. One mail sent from their side will get received by millions of customers whose email addresses and mobile numbers are stored in their database. If there is some new product being sold on their site or there are some special offers for a particular day then they can directly spread the news to you via sending a mail, which apparently is what we call DIGITAL MARKETING.

What are the various ways of Digital marketing?

Here are the most common and efficient ways that are practised for digital marketing:

  • Making your own website: This is very common method where in you can create a website which shares everything about your product and hence you can also sell your products on a global level using the website.
  • Making your app: This is a fact that whatsoever happens with someone, he will always have his mobile with him. When you create an app and put it on Google Play store or Apple App store, it allows your users to have a very portable use to your services as they don’t need to switch on their computers every time. Also you can update them every day by sending them notifications.
  • Blog: You can pay a blogger who has a lot of traffic on his blog to put some content about your product.
  • Pay per click and Internet banner ads: You can advertise your products and get them on the ad banners that appear on websites or mobile applications.
  • Social media marketing: You can marketize your product by creating pages and groups on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
  • Email and mobile marketing: You can advertise your product by sending messages and mails.

Here are some of the major advantages of Digital Marketing?
  • Advertising cost is cheap: You can advertise to a very big audience for a very low price.
  • Helps you reach more number of people: You can directly communicate with a lot of people at a time and share about your business products.
  • It takes your business to global level: You can advertise about your products to a very large number of people which are living in other countries as well directly via the internet.
  • It helps you to popularize your brand worldwide.
  • It helps you expand your business rapidly.


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