Top 18 Armani Exchange Outfit Interview Questions with Answers

Today we come with fashion related interview questions answers, asked in very popular brand job Interview session which is know as Armani Exchange.
I am big fan of this brand, I was enjoying to search googled about this company interview questions, I have Google and take the help of and collected the best interview question with answers which are asked in AX interview, So if you are going to attend AX interview or any other such company/brand interview then must go through this collection, you must enjoy it.

1). Tell me about   yourself?
Ans: Describe about yourself.

2). Describe a time you had to deal with a angry/difficult customer?
Ans: I'd be as specific as can be, and if no such experience, try to give a detailed version of what you think would have been the proper thing to do, such as stay calm and try to figure out the situation before he/she causes a scene.

3). What's your sense of fashion, and if you could which   celebrity would you most likely want to be with for an entire day?
Ans: Kanye and Kim

4).What is our direct competition?
Ans: Express, Guess (Marciano)

5).How do you keep up with current fashion trends?
Ans: I said that I keep up through blogs and websites like

6).How are you going to familiarize yourself with all of our   product mens and womans?
Ans: Rely on management for coaching and training on product knowledge.

7).Why do you think you would be successful at Armani exchange? 
Ans: On you.

8).Are you fine with commission based environment?
Ans: Yes

9).How would you describe the Armani exchange style?
Ans: Modern urban club meets the street for the everyday fashionable person.

10).Draw and design a shirt for them.
Ans: Generic A/X design t-shirt

11). What do you know about fashion? 

12). Why do you want to work at AX? Why do you want a career in fashion?
Ans: Because I love fashion and I have a eye for what looks good and I'm pretty convincing... Its not hard to sell a product that you actually utilize. I'm already a customer (I lied) lol Side note... Unfortunately they won't hire u if they don't carry your size. So ladies over a size 10/12 more than likely won't be hired. Sane giez for the bug boys.
This job is a logical step forward for me and if I was appointed then I feel you would not be disappointed.

13). What is your Favorite designer? Dead or alive? 
Ans: I answered Patricia Fields as MY favorite designer... The general managers face lit up as if he couldn't believe I knew who she was. Lol. Don't be cliche and say Georgio Armani. He doesn't even own the company any more.

14). What salary do you think you deserve?
Ans: On you

15). How would I benefit the company?
Ans: Provide quality customer service.

16). When are you available to speak? 
Ans: I gave my availability, and kept in contact to confirm interview, but Human Resources did not respond.

17). Describe an incident where you went above and beyond to   help out a customer? 
Ans: A customer pulled me aside as I was finishing my shift. Instead of informing her that I was off the clock, I spent 30 minutes with her to identify her needs, and I formulated and implemented the best strategy to address them. She walked away a satisfied customer, and I walked away knowing that I did a good job.

18). Do you have any question?
Ans: You must always have a question!

I have a Job Interview with Armani Exchange tomorrow, and I'm wondering what you guys think I should wear?
Usually It depend on your position for which position you are going to attend interivew but you shouldn't wear their trendy/casual style clothes for the interview.


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