Configure Database Email Using Gmail SMTP/Gmail Account

Hi guys, if you are facing problem in configure database email using gmail account or trying first time to configure database email then this blog for you.
Actually I was trying to setup my account in my local server using gmail SMTP, but I was facing problem in it was not sending email.
And after lots of analysis and discussing with colleague I found that in my gmail account 2 step verification was on, so if same with you first set it off.
But still I was facing problem and I found that there is one more thing we need to do is to set Access for less secure apps - turn on, these was main problem with setup my gmail account. After that you can do following step wise everything will work fine. If you still facing problem then comment here.

Turn off  2-Step Verification :: First login with your gmail Account and turn off "2-Step Verification"

Turn on, Access for less secure apps:: for this follow this link

Now follow these basic database mail configuration steps.


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