Advantages and Disadvantages of using Internet while Studying : Interview questions

The arrival of Internet has impacted favorably education . Thanks to this resource many people can make online courses taught by universities that are in other countries , can be studied online, share files, download material, seek information and endless benefits that everyone already knows. However, the Internet also has its disadvantages when preparing for an exam . Distractions in social networks or the vast amount of misinformation, are some of the negatives.

Here are the four advantages and disadvantages of using Internet while studying:

1 -  All information available at a click away 
Advantage: The advantage of Internet is to be connected and have the ability to access any information in seconds. From reading a Spanish newspaper with the latest news of the day, to seek information about the Second World War or study about chemistry it is now easier and easier thanks to the search engines.
Disadvantage: The disadvantage is that having a lot of information can distract several hours browsing through the pages and not delve into the topic you need to study. Besides not knowing the veracity of the information you just read.

2 -  Access to email and social networking 
Advantage: You may have a group on Facebook with your classmates and teachers to share files, links and exercises. This facilitates the study, saves time previously were using to go to the library and makes the study is something more dynamic. The email also allows you to query the teachers about the doubts you have, however Facebook is usually the main element of distraction.

3 -  Play Music 
Advantage: If you get distracted by anything and suffer ADHD music that you can listen to or download from the Internet probably distract you too looking for new songs and artists and styles changing to not get bored and this is a big disadvantage.
Disadvantage: It is also true that there are many people who struggle to study without any music or background sound.

4 -  The notes online
Advantage: One of the advantages that allow these tools is that often advances can share your work with teachers who also can make you online corrections and suggest some changes.
Disadvantage: The disadvantage of this point is that many students stop going to classes and this makes them to fall behind in the topics covered by the courses or lose absences.



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