Tax Associate/Consultant Interview Questions Answers : Deloitte | KPMG

Here we come with real interview questions asked during Tax consultant/associate interview, we picked best and most frequently interview questions from various source like and other. If you are prepare for interview then must go through this set.
These questions asked in Deloitte and KPMG's interview.

1). What is venture capital?
Ans: Venture capital (VC) is money provided to seed early-stage, emerging and emerging growth companies. Venture capital funds invest in companies in exchange for equity in the companies they invest in, which usually have a novel technology or business model in high technology industries, such as biotechnology and IT

2). What would you do if you had 50 xyz to be delivered within 2 days and you feel you wouldn't be able to do it? 
Ans: I would be realistic about it and inform my manager that 50 is not possible within this time frame. Suggest him an alternative course of action to be taken for this.

3). Why MBA in finance after completing engineering?
Ans: It may be useful for us if we want to go in commercial profession.

4). Why do you want to take up a career in US Taxation?
Ans: It would allow me to explore something different as well as not completely alienate me from my area of specialization.

5). Describe a situation when you demonstrated leadership while working in a group?
Ans: I talked about an instance where one of my group member's calculations were obviously wrong. Nobody else in the group was going to say anything or question this member's work. The group member seemed very confident about his calculations. In a polite way, I spoke up and initiated a discussion with the group member. He began explaining his calculations and my responses were along the lines of, "My understanding of how to calculate this ratio is...let's look it up just to be sure." After some discussion, he realized that he had made some mistakes in his calculations. I demonstrated leadership by initiating a difficult conversation, which brought about a better result for the whole group.

6). During my first interview, the Director asked me: If you   were about to catch a flight to meet with your most important client, and only had five minutes till you board, what two publications would you buy. 
Ans: The Wall Street Journal, and New York Times. He responded with, great choices.

7). Why do you want to work in tax? 
Ans: I outlined my academic history which showed an interest in tax.

8). What will you do if a team member isn't working properly? 
Ans: 1. Will try to motivate him 2. Discuss personally what are the factors influencing him. 3. If he is not improved, no choice. will send him back.

9). Why should I hire you instead of an LLM graduate? Why should I sponsor you a visa?
Ans: I have Asia tax experience when law school grads don't have such a business perspective - that's how I can add value to your practice.

10). Tell me about a time that your supervisor gave you a   constructive suggestion, and how did you take it?
Ans: During interviews you have to participate in all different kinds of networking events. Maintaining energetic, excited and concentrated the entire time is the most difficult part.

11). He draw an international transaction and asked to explain the tax consequences for the U.S. corporation. Then changed to U.S. partnership.
Ans: Basically know the U.S. tax system and corporate tax to answer.

12). What do you think is the most important characteristics of being a tax associate here?
Ans: Being a great team member.

13). I was asked about cross-border tax free reorganizations   - basically, Section 367 of the IRC. 
Ans: The interviewer did not expect me to know the answer; she basically said that when i join the firm, she will expect that i am aware of that provision by then!

14). Everything about the process is unexpected. A manager asked   me, "how did you get this far in the interview process with such a low GPA?
Ans: I told her I knew the right people at the firm, which I did and was the only way I got the job. Everybody seemed to like me enough to want me to stay around.



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