Detail Oriented Interview Questions Answers : How to Identify detail oriented person?

What questions should be asked in interview to identify that a person is detail oriented or not?
If you have a managerial/administrative job position that requires a person who is tenaciously detail oriented, how do you identify the ideal candidate? What questions can you ask in the interview to help identify a candidate with the right personality and qualities?

Here are the some way how you will identify a right person

Find some detail-oriented task that's pretty representative of what you actually want done. Give the candidate a clean desk, a chair, and 20 minutes to get cracking on it.

At the end of the task, you'll know three things:
1. Can they do it?
2. Can they suggest ways that it can be done better? (You're not just looking for a human automaton; you're probably looking for someone who can improve the way that you process payroll, travel, office scheduling, whatever.)
3. Is your candidate eager to do more of the same? It's easy to fake enthusiasm in an interview. It's harder to fake it on a sustained task.

In the interview, ask specific and detail-oriented questions.  But actually, I think you can assess this before you get to the interview.  At the bottom of the ad ask candidates to send in their resume with a cover letter addressing specific questions that would help you make a decision.  One of these might be, for example, why they are interested in working for your company specifically.
Candidates who do not submit a cover letter, or do not address those questions in the cover letter, can be assumed to be lacking attention to detail.  A good response to why they want to work for your organisation will also show good research skills and will mean that it's much more likely that the application is in their own words, and not those of a professional resume writer.

If you don't have the possibility to use personality test, you can ask questions like:
- Tell me about your  proudest moments at work?
- What frustrates you about other people's work?
- How would you solve this problem...?
If there are no mention of detail and deadline in the answers you have a first clue.

- Do you have any questions about the job?
If the person doesn't, again not detail oriented.

Finally, you could just give the person a small task to do involving a lot of details, with the instruction to give it back at a very specific time...Watch the reaction (non verbal during the execution of the task - Is the person having fun?), is the person paying attention to the deadline.

Here are some questions that you can ask them in an interview
1. Tell me two specific examples of how you were organised in your previous job or how you made the company more organised (look for specific answers)
2. How do you manage your tasks? (ask for an exact description)
3. Please give 2 examples of how you were generally more detail oriented then other people in your previous jobs (people who are detail oriented will see clearly that other people are disorganised and NOT oriented in this way)

Also there are various personality tests that will assess this accurately.



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