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After the success of our McDonald interview questions set we came with another set related to the domain, this time we come with Fry-cook interview questions with answers. We picked up real set of questions which asked during various company interview.
Here success of our

1). How I would prepare my favorite dish.
Explained step by step.

2). What would you do if the customer had a complaint? 
I'll see if I can fix it and call a manager

3). Have you ever worked in food before? 
No, but I would be willing to learn.

4). What are your best qualities as a worker?
I am good with people, i am willing to try my best even though at first i may not succeed. i am also willing to learn and catch on pretty quickly.

5). Would you be willing to cut your hair?
No, I just cut it, and it will be staying that length for quite some time.

6). Do you have any commitments that would affect your   availability to work any day of the week?
I answered that I would not be able to work on Sunday's due to religious commitments. The manager replied that she expected employees to be willing to work everyday of the week because they can get especially busy on weekends. I insisted and she conceded, albeit reluctantly.

7). Explain a situation in your past where you helped a dissatisfied customer.
Replaced customers food immediately, customer is always right

8). When they asked me if I ever used my feelings/emotions to take advantage of a situation? 
I told them I did and they seemed concerned. Then I told them I've done it to get girls to date me. Ha that seemed to be a good save

9). How can you make this place better?  

10). How do you feel about a recook? 

11). What other restaurant jobs have you held?
I worked at a family bbq restaurant for 1 year.

12). Can you work doubles/weekends/game-days.
Yes, yes and yes

13). Do you have reliable transportation?

14). What happens when the kitchen gets stuffed with orders and everybody is behind?
Remain calm and tell my coworkers that we're behind it's time we pick it up.

15). Do you know anyone that works here, have you had any   personal relations with any of the people who work here?

16). Can you work under pressure?
Say yes

17). Why do you want to work here?
I saw how happy the workers were and the food tasted great.

18). Have you ever defecated in another person's food? Would you like to?
No. Maybe.

19). Do you like burgers?

20). Why do i see myself as a cook?
I want to start off at a simple position and move my way up

21). Would you be bothered by being older than your shift supervisor?
This confused me, but the answer was no.

22). Can you cook burgers? 

23). Do you like eating our food, because you're going to be eating a lot of it?
The correct answer is "yes! I love the food here!



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