Top 20 Delivery Driver Interview Questions Answers | Domino's | Tesco | KFC

Here after the success of our McDonald interview questions set we came with another set related to the domain, this time we come with Delivery Driver/Boy interview questions with answers. We picked up real set of questions which asked during various company interview like - Domino's, KFC, McDonald.

1). Can you provide a copy of your driving record and insurance?
Ans: Not a problem. Gave them a copy the next day.

2). Tell me about a decision you made that added difficulty to your life in the short term in order to improve your life in the long term?
Ans: Picking a competitive college with a solid name brand

3). Can you tell me any weaknesses (we all have them)?
Ans: I said simply I hadn't been able to work for over 3 years so was very nervous and rusty.

4). Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Ans: I just wanted to concentrate on the here and now, one step at a time, get back on my feet after some difficult years, and do the best I can.

5). Where have you worked before?
Ans: Tesco, various offices, salvation army, conservation/forestry.

6). Would you be ok doing things such as phones, washing up, cleaning, etc.
Ans: Yes

7). Do you like working in a fast paced environment?
Ans: Yeah, A fast paced environment helps keep me interested and i wont get bored with the job.

8). Do you have a reliable vehicle? Do you practice grooming habits daily? Do you know the area? Do you have a cell phone so we can contact you or you can contact customer? 
Ans: Yes to all

9). Have I worked as a delivery driver before? 
Ans: Yes.

10). Are you willing to work after your shift time is over, if   necessary on occasion?
Ans: Yes, I would prefer it to not be every day though (it is, they won't let you leave until 1-2 hours after you're scheduled off)

11). I can't remember it was an easy interview, they had my resume so they just wanted to make sure I was polite and trustworthy. 
Ans: I was honest and my resume showed good experience.

12). Do you know the area we will be having you deliver in? 
Yes i have lived in this area for 15 years.

13). What are some skills that you can bring to Domino's?
Ans: I am a very hard worker who focuses on the details. I speak Spanish and French and am studying American Sign Language. I have my food handler's card and am very eager to learn.

14). Why do you want to work at Dominos?
Ans: I need work, and am willing to put the time and effort in to make it worth your while. I can work whenever you need me, and I'll take extra hour if you need it.

15). Describe a time when you had to handle an angry customer.
Ans: I told him about a customer who spit in my face because we didn't have the type of soda he wanted.

16). Do you have a car? Do you have reliable, insured transportation?
Ans: Yes

17). How did you handle an unruly customer at another job?
Ans: Tried my best to calm the customer down, analyze the situation, and do what was best for her and the company.

18). Have you ever delivered pizza before?
Ans: I had, but this is not a make or break question, it really doesn't matter what your experience is.

19). Can you get here on time and consistently? 
Ans: You better be able to do this. This should be common sense for all jobs, but a lot of people still can't do this. If you can't make it to work on time because you live too far away or you are completely broke and your car doesn't have enough gas, then you need a job closer to your home. For ANY job: make sure you can get to work about 10 or 15 minutes early.

20). How many pepperonis go on a large pizza?
Ans: 8

21). Will you have a problem with putting a sign on top of your car?
Ans: No



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