Top 60 AWS Interview Questions Answers for Fresher and Experienced PDF Free Download

Hey guys this time we coming with latest technology going popular these days, if you want to make career in AWS then be happy because it has great future. This set is for both fresher and experienced developers.


1). Explain what is AWS(Amazon Web Service)?

2). Explain what are the key components of AWS( Amazon Web Service )?

3). Explain what is IAM service?

4). What is AWS Certificate Manager?

5). Explain what is S3?

6). Explain what is AMI ( Amazon Machine Image )?

7). Mention what is the relation between an instance and AMI?

8). Explain what is Redshift?

9). What Is Amazon EC2?

10). Explain what Is Amazon EC2 instance?

11). Exmplain some features of Amazon EC2?
12). Mention what are the differences between Amazon S3 and EC2 ?

13). How many buckets can you create in AWS by default?

14). Explain what is T2 instances?

15). Explain what is C4 instances?

16). Explain how the buffer is used in Amazon web services?

17). Explain what is DynamoDB?

18). Explain what is ElastiCache?

19). What is the AWS Key Management Service?

20). What is AWS WAF? What are the  potential benefits of using WAF?

21). What is Amazon EMR?

22). What is AWS Data Pipeline? and what are the components of AWS Data Pipeline?
23). What is Amazon Kinesis Firehose?

24). What Is Amazon CloudSearch and its features?
25). Explain what is Regions and Endpoints in AWS?

26). How to find your regions and Availability Zones using the Amazon EC2 CLI?

27). What is Amazon AppStream and advantage of using AppStreaming?

28). Which AWS responsible for managed email and calendaring?

29). What are the benefits of EBS vs. instance-store?

30). How you will find out the instance id from within an ec2 machine?

31). How do you pass custom environment variable on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (AWS EBS)?

32). Is it possible to use AWS as a web host? What are the way of using AWS as a web host? 

33). How step you follow to make 10,000 files as public in S3?

34). How do you see how much disk space is using by S3 bucket?

42). What is the maximum length of a file-name in S3?

43.) What is Amazon RDS?

44.) In RDS, what is the maximum value you can set for my backup retention period?

45.) In RDS, Automated backups are enabled by default for new DB Instance, true or false?

46.) What is MFA in AWS?

47.) What is Amazon VPC?

48.) If you want to run a database on an EC2 instance, which is the most recommended Amazon storage option, S3, RDS or EBS?

49.) In S3, what does RRS stand for? 

50.) What are the 4 level of AWS premium support?

51.) What is the underlying Hypervisor for EC2?

52.) What is the difference between Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFormation?

53.) What action is required to establish an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) VPN?

54.) Suppose that you are working with a customer who has 10 TB of archival data that they want to migrate to Glacier. The customer has a 1-Mbps connection to the internet. Which service or feature provides the fastest method of getting data into Amazon Glacier?

55.) Example, how you will create a VPC and Subnets using the AWS CLI?

56.) Why we use VPC in AWS?

57.) Can you descrive the steps of create default VPC in AWS?

58.) What are the three features provided by Amazon that you can use to increase and monitor the security?

59.) What is the difference between Network ACLs and Security Groups in AWS?

60.) What benefits to VPC security groups give you that EC2 security groups do not?



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    2. From what I have seen is companies are not only looking for AWS skills, they are looking for other skills as well like a combinations..for e.g they need devops with AWS skills.

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