TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2016 PDF


Total Questions : 30
Email writing: one email writing

Hello guys.

I am a Final year student of Electrical and electronics engineering and I appeared for TCS recruitment exam which is held through online process. The total paper consisting of 30 questions and one email writing.

Email writing consisting of single line statement of fill in the blank type, and we need to complete the email with a minimum of 50 words and maximum should be 70 words with must and should of starting and ending given details by them, I write it in ten minutes, here we need to take care about tenses and spelling, they will allow some weightage for that. If we not completed it in within the time they allotted marks up to you wrote after ten minutes the window will automatically close and we need to save instantly.

Then another section of bits will start automatically, it consisting if 30 bits and 80 mins time for it. It consisting of 2 sections first section having 28 questions and the second section having 2 questions, a second section will have high weightage when compared to first. That question will be very simple on section one, but it consists of more than one logics and I attempted 16 questions in the first section and I'm sure that 15 will correct. And in second question I got one tricky question and one 9 by 9 Sudoku. I did it and I got the answers but I have doubts on both, but those questions having some higher weightage that's why I kept my guessed answers what I got.

And the first section consisting of 1/3 of negative marking and second section consisting of higher negative marking than first. So don't give much chance to expected answers. It will help you lot. And my exam got completed.

After 2 days I got mail that I got selected in my exam I felt very happy and they told that within a short period we will intimate your interview schedule. And at Mar 8 I received a mail that my interview will be at Hyderabad cover college at Mar 11.

And went there at 9.00 am they make us as panels, and I'm in the first panel, my slot came, I went to the interview panel I and sit there they asked my resume and TCS application print out and started asking questions. They targeted only on our resume, so be good at whatever you write on your resume and I placed. Net on my resume along with C, Java and I know the basics only of .Net but they concentrated on my resume on .Net, they are starting asking regarding that and I didn't answer some questions and my interview of TR is completed. Here total will be about two rounds one will be Tr+Mr and final will hear, who shortlisted in the first round will sent to HR.

After some time they announced the first round result and I got rejected in that and I felt disappointed and I went out from there. So my sincere request to you is be particularly on your resume whatever you are placing, if you know perfectly, then only you have to keep it, I lost it due to that reason only. very few got rejected in that I'm one.

Thank you and all the best to you guys.


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