Top 10 Watir Testing tool Interview Questions Answers

Here we come up with new testing tool related interview questions answers, then related tool is known as Watir(Web Application Testing in Ruby).

Lest start :

Explain what is Watir(Web Application Testing in Ruby)?
Watir, pronounced water [waw-ter, wot-er], stands for “Web Application Testing In Ruby”, is an open source tool based on open source programming language Ruby for automating web browsers during testing or development of web applications. Simplicity and flexibility of Watir allows QA Tester to build tests that are easy to interpret, maintain and support. Watir work with web browsers the same way the average user do. It navigates pages, finds elements on the page, clicks links, fills in forms, selects radio buttons, presses buttons and checks results of test execution.

Watir is open source or not?
Watir is open source (BSD) software and can be downloaded and used for free.

What are the pros and Crons of Watir?

What are the advantage of using Watir?
  • It's free! It's an open source tool, so there are no costs to use this tool.
  • It supports multiple browsers and platforms.
  • The Ruby knowledge gained when using Watir can leverage my Ruby and Ruby on Rails projects, and vice versa.
  • It uses Ruby, my favorite scripting language. Ruby is concise and a joy to read and write.
  • It's lightweight. My computer doesn't suffer when creating or running automated tests.
Does Watir check input datatypes?
Yes. We can check Data type using Watir and Watir-webdriver.

Can Watir be used to automate flash based content?
No. Watir supports only Webapplications with HTML code



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