Genpact SQL PL/SQL Interview Question Answers 2016

Today I want to share my interview experience with you, Genpact was looking for 4+ years SQL Server Experienced Developers, I attend this interview(25/05/2016) to know the latest SQL Server question asked in marked currently.
Before the I was attended TCS interview for same position.
Below are the set of query which are asked during my Genpact interview question answers session(tech round), Which was held in Gurgaon Genpact office.

1). Write down the query to print the first date of current month using Getdate() function?

2). Can you explain SQL Server 2016 New Feature for Drop Object if Exist.(DROP IF EXISTS).
Ans: Click here for answer

3). What is the use of @@Error in SQL Server, please explain.
Ans: Click here for answer

4). Is view store data physically apart from table or not?
Ans: A view is just a macro, it has no persistent storage.The underlying table data is stored in the MDF file

5). Table Tbl1 has 100 rows, Table Tbl2 has 0 rows so number of rows returned by the below query?
SELECT Tbl1.* from Tbl1, Tbl2;
Ans : No row will be retun by this query

6). Write a query to print 1 to 100 in sql server without using loops?
Ans: Click here for answer

7). What is the difference between SQL, PL-SQL and TSQL
Ans: Click here for answer

8). When would you use stored procedure or functions ? 
Ans: Functions are computed values and cannot perform permanent environmental changes to SQL Server (i.e. no INSERT or UPDATE statements allowed).
A Function can be used inline in SQL Statements if it returns a scalar value or can be joined upon if it returns a result set.
for more see the difference between them, and use according to that.

9). What is function in SQL Server, Write a function to convert Decimal number to Binary number?
Ans: Click here for answer

10). Can you edit Sql Profiler existing/default templates? 
Ans: Click here for answer

11). How you will execute the stored procedure as a different user in SQL Server?
Ans: I will use EXECUTE AS
EXECUTE AS user = 'special_user'
EXECUTE YourProcerdure



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