Top 20 McDonalds Crew Member Interview Questions and Answers 2016

Here are the top 20 common interview questions for McDonalds Crew Member 2016:

Q-1 What does hospitality mean to you?
Ans- Hospitality is the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests or strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way. I cannot name anyone who would be unhappy with someone being hospitable toward them whether it is in a business setting or just someone that you pass by on the street. It means greeting your guests warmly, attending to their needs promptly, giving good quality, and keeping the operation running smoothly to take care of volume surges. And same in your way you need to tell your interviewer that what does hospitality mean to you.

Q-2 How would you show respect to other staff?
Ans- Showing other staff respect is a critical part of maintaining important personal relationships. Learning to respect people's efforts, abilities, opinions, and quirks will help keep you happy and successful in your interpersonal life. Respecting yourself can help you move forward with the confidence to make a habit of respect and share it with the people around you. Here are some steps to show respect to others :
* Show gratitude
* Compliment the achievement of others
* Be sincere
* Do what you say that you will do
* Offer your assistance
* Respect the abilities of others

Q-3 How would you handle an upset customer?
Ans- Handling an upset customer is the daily bread in this field. Here interviewer is trying to find out that how good you are in handling angry customers on daily basis. Here you need to elaborate on your answer with ideas of making angry customers happy with your service. The way in which you handle an interaction with an angry customer can lead to a successful resolution of the problem or a lost customer because good customer service starts with how you treat every customer as valuable. It also involves knowing the inventory, being familiar with company policy, and courteously guiding customers so that problems are resolved.

Q-4 Do you know about food in our menu?
Ans- Being prepared for any question like this a restaurant owner or club manager may throw at you should help your chances of getting hired. Not having good answers to any of these questions may hurt your changes of qualifying. It's important you do your homework before interviewing for any position like this. How big is the establishment? What type of cuisine do they serve? What is the price range of the menu? Who are their clients? Because here your interviewer trying to find out your interest in their food , how much dedicated or excited you are to work for them and cook their special cuisine. Answer this question be showing proper interest in there food.

Q-5 Tell me about the time when you helped someone I'm your office.
Ans- Your answer will show that how much helping you are by your nature. So provide an example of a time you helped a co-worker and describe the situation in detail. Why did the person need assistance? What did you do to help? What was the end result?

Q-6 What do you enjoy most doing in your spare time?
Ans- The question gives you the chance to offer information about lives outside of work. Interviewers may not necessarily look for spare time activities which relate directly to the job applied for. You need to provide answers which reflect creativity, drive, and passion. Hobbies and volunteer work demonstrate the qualities well. Common hobbies which appeal to employers include sports, carpentry, gardening, and DIY projects. Volunteer work may include any type of community involvement.

Q-7 Why did you choose McDonalds?
Ans- Interviewer want to know this job will mean more than just a paycheck to you. They often ask this question to see if you want to work for their company or just any company. Use this opportunity to show the research you've done prior to your interview and how passionate you are about the position. If you want to make a hit, then take the time to understand the basics of your target company's brand. Be prepared to tap into the company's carefully crafted reputation from your first conversation all the way through the hiring process.
Example Answer: It is the greater privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours and it's one of the rapid growing industry. When I searching for your company I felt that this is right platform to enhance my skills and contribute my part to the growth of an industry.

Q-8 What best can you bring to McDonalds?
Ans- Here interviewer wants reason to hire you. With this question, your interviewer is asking you to sell him on you and your status as the best person for the position. Make his job easier by convincing him that. This is your chance to wow them with your highlight reel. Your answer should summarize the top three or four best reasons to hire you. It’s better to have three or four strong reasons with memorable descriptions and/or examples than to rattle off a laundry list of twelve strengths without context. Your answer to this interview question could make or break your chances. You need a brief pitch that matches your experiences with an employer's needs. Embrace that this question as an opportunity to emphasize your value and to demonstrate your knowledge as they work together to show how well you could do the job.

Q-9 Are you able to provide fast and friendly service?
Ans- A crew member must be able to deal with customers in a friendly and empathetic manner, but also try to stick to particular company protocols. They will also usually need basic computer and data entry skills. In McDonald's this is most important thing to do that is provide fast and friendly service to your customers and this will help to achieve success in McDonald's.

Q-10 Tell me about your availability.
Ans- It means what days, hours and when can you start. Make sure that you are honest about your availability and divulge any time constraints you have. The main thing to keep in mind is that the interviewer just wants an honest, straightforward answer from you.

Q-11 Describe yourself in one word that could convince me to hire you.
Ans- If you are asked this question, you should consider it as another chance to portray your talents, experience and salient skills related to the role under question. Refer to those advantages and qualities that you have that make you the best candidate for this position. You can take the opportunity to speak about your positive personal traits, like dynamism, dedication and attention to details if you think these are important for the position.

Q-12 How would you greet a customer?
Ans- Greeting the customer can often be the most important aspect to closing a sale because when entering a store, most customers want to see an employee make a genuine effort to acknowledge and assist them. Here are some steps to greet customers well :
* Smile with your greeting
* Stop what you are doing
* Show , don't tell
* Ask questions
* Dress professionally

Q-13 Tell me about the three main aspects of this job?
Ans- When an interviewer asks you what you look for in a job, they are not necessarily looking for a particular answer. They are simply looking to see what your priorities are and if you can put them into words. Keep it Professional ,every answer should be about your ability to be a good employee. You need to be ready to engage in a discussion about that point if necessary. The important aspects can your boss , job or your team.

Q-14 Have you ever worked in a Fast food section?
Ans- If you have ever worked than you can share your experience with your interviewer that what was the bad and good moments were there while working in fast food section.

Q-15 What does respect mean to you?
Ans- Respect seems like such a simple concept. One that we were all taught growing up. Something that our family and community instilled into us. A way that we live our lives. So here you need to share your views on Respect.

Q-16 Describe a time where you had to manage your time.
Ans- Here interviewer wanted to know that how you manage your time effectively by knowing your past experience in managing your time. It's important that you develop effective strategies for managing your time to balance the conflicting demands of time for study, leisure, earning money and job hunting. Time management skills are valuable in job hunting. It doesn’t matter how you make your list whether you jot it down in a notebook or in a desk diary or use an app or other online tool but be ready to explain your preferred technique to your interviewer. You may have some other system for prioritizing and organizing your work. Whatever it is, be prepared to talk about it.

Q-17 Who is your role model?
Ans- Here you need to name that person which inspires you most to work at your peek. Keep a couple of people in mind so you have options based on how the interview is going. Remember to keep the stories short, and have fun with it. This can be a great opportunity to showcase some personal qualities and how they will help you excel at the position you are applying for.

Q-18 Do you ever eat at McDonalds?
Ans- If yes than you can share your experience but keep answer short and not say any negative thing about their menu.

Q-19 What do you expect from us when you come here? 
Ans- If an interviewer asks this type of question, consider responding, "I expect to have the opportunity to perform my job and to receive evaluations on not only the positive points, but also the negative points so that I can improve in my position if there are deficiencies. Hopefully my performance will be recognized and I will be able to excel in my career."

Q-20 How far do you live?
Ans- Interviewer is trying to to find out if you’re able to start work at a certain hour or relocate for the position. If you’re targeting positions that require relocation, don’t be afraid to state in your professional summary on your resume and online profiles that you’re willing and able to relocate immediately. If you have family in the area or you’ve lived there in the past, there’s nothing wrong with stating that you have an established, local support system. May be that wanted to ask by this question that would you be able to start work at 9 am, every day at the office? So answer accordingly.IF you live far from office that tell them that how will manage to reach office on time everyday.

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