Top 20 McDonalds Drive Thru Cashier Interview Questions Answers

Here are the Top 20 interview question and answer for McDonalds Drive Thru Cashier 2016

Q-1 Do you have any experience in fast food field?
Ans- A fast food field environment is an environment in which employees are asked to balance many tasks back to back or simultaneously. In a fast paced work environment, there is very little downtime, and employees are asked to go at full speed all day long. Fast paced work environments can feel busy or stressful, but some people thrive in such situations and find them energizing and invigorating. So you need to be loyal here and if you have experience working well in fast paced environment than only you can say yes to this and share your bad & good incidents happen while working in fast paced environment. This question is your opportunity to tell your interviewer that how good you are in working in fast paced environment . You can share your ideal working environment also with your interviewer that in which environment you find yourself comfortable while working or can work more productively.

Q-2 Are you good with people?
Ans- Here interviewer is trying to find out that are you a team player or not because they are looking for candidates that are well rounded and able to handle themselves professionally . So talk about an experience that highlights your teamwork experience in addition to any other important skills that can give you an edge for the position and if you have encountered conflict when working with others, let the interviewer know. But be prepared to do so in a positive manner that shows that you like people and enjoy working with .

Q-3 For how many hours you can work?
Ans- You need to very loyal here do not say anything just in overconfidence, you need to be practical here. Try to be as positive as possible in your answer. Draw attention to your strengths as an employee and refocus the conversation away from a set number of hours but do not show distaste for overtime or a longer than average workweek.
Example Answer : In my last job usually I worked 40 hour per week, as per the company norms I will work may it will be 8 or 10 hrs or even more but I will complete all my allocated task with in the time limit and I will never work beyond that, because a good worker can't took more time than the targeted one.

Q-4 Have you ever worked at McDonalds before?
Ans- If yes than you can tell it your interviewer but than you will also need to tell them the reasons that why did you leave it previously.

Q-5 When you can start, if hired?
Ans- This question is asked to determine when you are available to begin work. When answering this type of interview question, it’s important to not make the response all about you. Rather, try to address the employer’s needs and be as flexible and accommodating as possible. However, there is the possibility of negotiating a different start date if you are interested in starting sooner or possibly later, have an employment contract that requires you stay for a longer period of time, or want to take some extra time off before you start a new position.

Q-6 Why do you want to work here?
Ans- Interviewer want to know this job will mean more than just a paycheck to you. They often ask this question to see if you want to work for their company or just any company. Use this opportunity to show the research you've done prior to your interview and how passionate you are about the position. If you want to make a hit, then take the time to understand the basics of your target company's brand. Be prepared to tap into the company's carefully crafted reputation from your first conversation all the way through the hiring process.

Example Answer : It is the greater privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours and it's one of the rapid growing industry. When I searching for your company I felt that this is right platform to enhance my skills and contribute my part to the growth of an industry.

Q-7 Tell me about the time where you worked in a difficult situation and how did you handle it?
Ans- Here interviewer wants to check that are you able to face challenges and difficult situationd or not, do you have the ability to handle and have overcome from any kind of challenges. This question is a chance to show an interviewer how, when faced with tough times, you turn to your inner strength and innate skills to find solutions. As with all answers to interview questions, it’s important to be thinking about how this helps paint a picture of someone they want to hire and not just someone who has had a lot of bad stuff happen and survived.

Example Answer : The difficult situation which I faced was when I was given a responsibility of a particular project which I had to finish in a particular deadline so I worked in and out to make sure that I completed that particular project within the stipulated deadline so that it can create a positive outlook of me in front of my management.

Q-8 Discuss about some of your strengths .
Ans. Where do you shine? What sets you apart from other people up for your position? There’s no place for modesty here. Emphasize your strengths with all the gusto you can master. But remember, while it’s okay to push the envelope a little, never tell an outright lie. You must be prepared to talk about your strengths. Many candidates don’t do it well, so there is an opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd if you can speak about your strengths in an authentic and compelling way. Here you need to make your interviewer realize that you are someone who will make an excellent addition to the team.

Q-9 Tell me about your greatest accomplishment in life till now .
Ans- It is important that you pick an achievement that you are genuinely proud of, something that is true to you. When we tell stories we naturally relive the emotions we felt during that time and you want to be passionate and engaging when talking to your interviewer. Try to pick an achievement that is still quite recent. Try to phrase this in such a way for it to be self evident that this would also be a benefit to any prospective employer.

Q-10 What experience you have in retail or customer service?
Ans- The ability to meet these needs efficiently and solving the customer's problem by having good product or service knowledge, enough information and a positive attitude is core to customer service. And that ability what interviewer wants to see by knowing your past experience in customer service because the first impression the customer gets of the business should be positive. Consider aspects such as accessibility, layout, cleanliness, offer of help from personnel.

Q-11 How long do you see yourself working here?
Ans- This is another way of asking that how long would you stay in this company .Interviewer usually asked this question to the people who move between jobs frequently. They do not want to hire someone who will leave after several months. The hiring process costs the company money and time and they want to hire someone who is looking to stay for awhile. I recommend saying you want to stay for a long time. Even plans change, but you want to make sure that you are honest about what can be expected of you. If you plan on it being a long term position say so.
Example Answer : This is the job opportunity I have been looking for. This is the career path I've been waiting for. I ready to serve you as long as the company needs me.

Q-12 Have you ever got angry at work?
Ans- The real meaning of the word “angry”, to an interviewer, is loss of control and it’s important to know how you handle situations when you’re angry.
This question is usually posed to see what gets you angry or how you are easily angered. Make sure to prepare your answers before going to the interview and practice it with a peer or mentor for help. Example Answer : As much as possible, I don’t let my emotions take over in order for me to think of a solution to fix the problem. No matter how frustrated I am, I try to keep myself calm and professional since my anger won’t do me good in any way. I control my mind not to be overwhelmed by the situation.

Q-13 How long was your last job?
Ans- It your question and it's up to you to how to answer this question . What have you learnt in your last job that also you need to mention here.

Q-14 Do you have any experience working as a cashier?
Ans- If you any experience than you can share it with your interviewer . The skills and knowledge you have gained from your cashier experience might be more important than the actual act of cashiering. Don't sell yourself short when you sum it up. See the big picture,think about all the skills, abilities and successes you have had as a cashier. Create a list of your assets,qualities and skills you have gained from being a cashier that will be valuable to your potential new employer. Turn your cashier experience into accomplishments that will make your interview stand out.

Q-15 Why did you resign from your last previous job?
Ans- The best strategy for effectively answering this tough interview question is to prepare for it. Here's how to be ready and how to recover when you're not. Take the opportunity to share what you've learned about the potential new company (demonstrating your interest in the opportunity). Talk about the environment and culture of this company, and how you feel it's a strong match with your strengths and experience.
Example Answer : First of all, I would like to thank my previous company. Because it gives an initial platform to my professional career. And I learnt a lot of things there like how to behave and communicate with clients, how to manage labours, technicians, sub contractors gently and friendly. But now I like to upgrade myself financially and professionally.

Q-16 What are your long term goals in this field?
Ans- The interviewer is seeking to get past the here and now to understand what plans, if any, you have made for the progression of your career. Many job seekers are unprepared for this question, since it is focused on the future. The interviewer can establish how committed you are to the career vs. it just being a job for you by how you answer this question. Keep your answer fairly general, especially if you don’t know a lot about the typical career path at the company. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job as an exciting next step for you. Most importantly, make it clear that you are motivated to take on this opportunity right now.

Q-17 Are you able to work in extra speed when there is long queue of customers?
Ans- Working well under pressure is a good trait to have. Here interviewer want to know that will you be able to work under pressure or will you be able to work in speed in rush. You just need to show confidently that how effectively and efficiently you can work by giving examples of past incidents.
Example Answer : If that situation is to weigh my capability, then of course my answer is yes. That's the right time to show my abilities and skills. No success can be obtained easily.

Q-18 Discuss about your weak areas .
Ans- Here you need to turn your negative into positive, you need to share your those points which are actually you strong points somewhere . Here your interviewer want to see that you are willing to address your weaknesses and work on them, they are testing your ability to respond to difficult questions and maintain your composure under pressure.
Select a trait and come up with a solution to overcome your weakness. Stay away from personal qualities and concentrate more on professional traits.

Q-19 What is your medical history?
Ans- If there is any medical history of you than you can share it with your interviewer confidently.

Q-20 Did the salary we offer attract you to this McDonalds drive thru cashier job? 
Ans- This can be a very tricky question as the individual asking it is probably digging for something other than a simple answer to the question. We recommend that you don't immediately respond to the question directly. Instead, say something like, “That a difficult question. Be careful while answering this question because here interviewer is trying to find out that do you focus most on salary or not . So your answer should not be salary focused at all. This is an excellent opportunity for you to flip the question around and tell the interviewer how you think that you could make a positive and lasting influence on the business, subtly pointing out all the reasons that you should be given the job over the other candidates. 



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