Telerik Test Studio Advantages and Disadvantages / limitations

Here we come with Advantages/benefits of Telerik Test Studio, This is becoming very popular testing tool among tester world. So If you are preparing for testing interview then must go through this article.

Advantages of Telerik Test Studio:

  • Telerik Test Studio is very user friendly and easy to learn.
  • Good language support, Test Studio doesn’t require you to write code in a lot of scenarios. However, if you do need to it supports C# and VB.NET.
  • Team Collaboration, Testers can design and maintain tests and pass them to developers through source control to assist with more complex, edge-case scenarios.
  • Test Studio comes with rich support for data-driven testing. All recorded test steps have data-related properties that allow you to bind them to a data source. Test Studio supports various data sources: Excel, CSV, XML, and Database. In addition, it has a built-in data grid that allows you to quickly create your own data source right inside your test without having to revert to external sources.
  • Extensive HTML and Silverlight control Suite, Besides native support for Telerik controls, Test Studio software testing solution also includes an extensive suite of HTML and Silverlight control translators which abstract out the control specifics. Thanks to these translators, testers can build automated tests for complex control-based applications quickly and easily.
  • Custom controls support, Developers sometimes extend the components they are using to develop their applications. Test Studio automatically detects the base class that the control inherits and automatically suggests verifications for that base control – quick tasks, action handling, mouse actions, and more. 
  • Native Support for Telerik RadControls, As you know Telerik RadControls are very famous so If your applications are built with Telerik AJAX, Silverlight or WPF controls, Test Studio will automatically detect them and provide tailored verification which make it possible to test even complex controls like hierarchical grid, scheduler, etc.
  • JavaScript and JSON support, Test Studio supports JavaScript function invocation and validation directly from your code. The testing tool also understands JSON objects, can handle strongly typed objects returned from JavaScript, as well as access to JQUERY API’s.
  • You can run automated tests on real devices as well as emulators without writing a single line of code.

Disadvantages of Telerik Test Studio:
  • Test Studio is standalone and if you need to use VS plugin you need an extra VS professional or higher license.
  • You can't use elements of one project to another, so you have to create only 1 project and with due course of time it goes heavy. But this depends upon your application size. You can copy paste the content from one project to other as a work around.
  • You can convert all your steps to code, but can't revert them back.
  • Issue with the usability of the "If-else" statement, as for using the If-else condition, your element in "If" condition must be present if not, whole test case fails.
  • It doesn't support Android app testing and Desktop application testing (in desktop only WPF is supported).
  • For customized reports, if required you need to write code.
  • If the DOM of your application is heavy then Test Studio will create lots of performance issues while recording, like Test Studio and Application gets hang. For this you need to use trial version first.
  • Test cases where you are using a test case as a child of another, there you will find that you are not getting the desired behavior.
  • It's not a free tool and costly too.
  • Need powerful computer to run all capabilities
  • Quite a lot of customization options available but time consuming to set up.



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