Telerik Test Studio R3 2016 new features? Interview Question

The third major Test Studio R3 2016 is live now. Here are the new features of R3 2016 include support for Angular, iOS 10, our very own NativeScript as well as Android hybrid apps.
Below are the major features Telerik Test Studio R3 come with.

  • Support for Angular:
    If you are using the Angular framework (Angular 1.x as well as Angular 2) to build web apps now you can leverage Test Studio to easily test your applications.
  • Support for hybrid mobile apps:
    Now you can connect your Android hybrid apps to Test Studio and record/execute actions and verifications against them. All the features that we have for native app testing will be available for hybrid as well - elements, DOM explorer, test lists, results, etc.
  • API Testing Adds Support for Fiddler:
    As promised with the initial launch of API Testing back in June, Beta 2 adds support for Fiddler. Test Studio Ultimate and API Testing users can export Fiddler recorded traffic into a .saz file and easily upload it to Test Studio. You can now create a Test Studio API test from these Fiddler traffic logs or plug them into an existing API test.
  • Support for NativeScript:
    Test Studio Mobile users can now easily instrument their NativeScript apps to make them testable with Test Studio. Leverage a specifically built for the purpose plugin to extend your app with a few quick commands. See more on NativeScript support.
  • Recorder Gets a Better Startup Page:
    We are replacing the recorder startup page with launch & navigate dialog inside Test Studio. This will enable users to take advantage of a couple of new features: auto-complete and history of previous recording sessions.
  • Enhanced Mobile Recording:
    The Test Studio DOM explorer now reveals the app element attributes during mobile web test recording.



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