What are the Key Steps to Prepare and Execute the Testing of a Project? Testing Interview Question

Below are the Key Steps to Prepare and Execute the Testing of a Project

  1. Get to know the domain expert and user community. Fundamentally understand the business goals of the application.
  2. Break down user stories into prioritized testing needs and track those needs until completion. Use automated systems to capture user stories, distill requirements and trace requirements through to implementation, and back to user stories.
  3. Translate testing needs into test cases as early as possible. Work with users and business analysts to ensure the test cases reflect real business needs. Work with developers to devise technology-facing tests, such as integration and unit tests. Use automation tools such as Telerik’s TeamPulse and Telerik Test Studio suite to enhance communication between developers, testers and users.
  4. Automate test cases and test execution using automated testing tool so tests can be rerun automatically, ideally as part of the build process.
  5. Track test case execution to ensure the fitness of the application. Be ready to report on test execution at any time, so decisions can be made on the deployment side.
  6. Trace requirements and user stories from inception to delivery to ensure business needs have been adequately addressed.



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