2019 Tips for choose best School for your Child

One of the great decisions we will make as parents in the first years of our children's lives and that can make a big difference in their future is deciding where they will spend their academic life.

Before the child is born, the choice of the school he will attend is a topic of concern for many families. The most important thing is to consider what values ​​interest you as a mother . Thus, you will not be afraid of making a mistake.

There are families for whom discipline and success are above whether the student feels good or not in a school. For others, on the other hand, humane treatment is paramount.

Considerations to choose the best school for your children

Do it as soon as possible:
Do not wait until the child has five years to decide which school you want to take him to. Even if you are not going to do the application, at least go thinking about the type of school.

There are public/gvt, private schools, free schools and there are also people who decide to educate at home by private hired teacher but it is not easy of middle or lower income family.

Public or private school:
Not everyone can consider the monthly payment of the school.

Going to a public school is in many cases a necessity. In other cases, it may be the best educational option, if you live in a good school district.

Choosing a private school because socially is better seen than a public one is a mistake we should not make.

An integrating school:
A philosophy of unification is essential. Our children live in a multicultural country and this is what their school should be like.

Although the websites of the schools transmit that they are great places, the best thing is to ask other parents.

When choosing an educational center, ask yourself if there is diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, values and any other factor that is important to you.

The academic level:
We have to find out what is the educational style of the school.

Go to the open days that serve to show the school to parents. Ask all the questions you have, express your doubts and ask them to inform you about the methods they use and at what level they are with respect to other schools in your city. Ask if there are support classes. Psychologists and teachers in continuous training are an important educational pillar.

Number of students and facilities:
The number of students per class is very important so that children can be attended to normally. An overly full class is a source of stress for children and teachers.

The facilities that the school has are another factor to take into account: number of buildings, age of the same and good equipment.

The humane treatment:
Keep in mind that the human treatment of teachers towards students is equal or more important than the educational system. When your children grow up, their level of academic enthusiasm could be directly related to the personal treatment of the teachers who teach each subject. Inquire at the school and try to show that the teaching staff is trained to transmit enthusiasm and desire to learn.

That the school is close to home
Distances in the United States can be very large and we are used to it. But perhaps we should consider if the best thing for our children is to spend each day around two hours in the car in addition to school hours and thus complete a day of "work" as if they were adults.

A school near our home makes it easier for children to relate to each other outside of it and above all it will make them less tired and have more time to play or take a special class that they may have chosen.


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