50 Funniest/Embarrassing Resume/CV Mistakes/Blunders Ever

Top 50 Funniest Resume Mistakes

Your resume is your self-marketing tool when you are appearing for an interview. You mention all your details such as your introduction, education details, strengths, weaknesses, past job experiences, other qualities, etc. A resume is something that reflects your personality and talent on a sheet of paper on the day of your interview. Many of candidates who apply for a job interview make their resumes by taking help of some professional resume writers or from people who have appeared for an interview before, but there are also a few nerds who feel that resume writing is not a big deal and they themselves write a resume of their own without referring other resumes and they end up making a lot of mistakes. A few mistakes are that funny which can make you roll on the floor laughing when you read them.
We had shared many articles in the past explaining about how to write a better resume, but in this article we will be sharing 50 Funniest things found in a resume so that you all can refer that and avoid making those mistakes on your original and professional resume. Here are the 50 Funniest Resume Mistakes orderly categorized:

Covering Letter Resume Mistakes:
1. “May God Bless Me for the Interview”.
2. Applying for: “Any Position Available”.
3. Last Job Left for: “Wife did not like my schedule”.
4. Super experienced candidate.
5. “Deer Sir/Medam”.
6. “Can work as a CEO if given a chance”.
7. High in Qualification.
8. “Time is money, so I want to invest a little of my money working for this company”.
9. “Have a lot of talent in experience”.
10. “Applying here because you pay more money”.

Introduction/ Profile & Education Details:
11. Relationship Status: Dating.
12. Hobbies: Everything that requires talent.
13. Languages known: C and Java (But only in English).
14. Websites: Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, etc. (He thought that they are asking about what websites do you use).
15. Education: Class 12: 53%..Missed Distinction by 7% only.
16. “Numbers can never define my level of excellency”.

17. Very romantic, made 7 girlfriends in my college.
18. Hardworking level infinity.
19. Highly optimistic, start thinking from that point where people stop.
20. Can play games for entire day.
21. Highly committed to my work, no one can stop me when I am working.
22. Have solutions for every problem.

Key Skills/Positive Attributes:
23. Speking Skiles like Leonardo Dicarpio.
24. Can impress anyone with my smile.
25. Highly confident about everything.
26. Code blooded from birth.
27. One man army at work, can do all things alone.
28. No fear at all.
29. Down to earth kind of person.
30. Very famous, my pics on Facebook get 100 likes in minutes.
31. Perfectionist at every work.

32. Talk Talk Talk.
33. I often get emotionally tortured.
34.I think too much.
35. I dream a lot in days.
36. Not good at cooking.
37. I can faint anytime.
38. Always overexcited for a particular thing.

Work Experience Mistakes:
39. Class Monitor at school level.
40. Admin of three Facebook Pages.
41. Worked as Choreographer in Friend’s wedding function.
42. Organizer of every function at hostel.
43. Did 7 jobs in last 3 years.

Achievements Mistakes:
44. Completed my engineering in 7 years.
45. Record holder for eating pizzas in college festival.
46. Donated 7 Litres of Blood till today.

Reason for leaving last job:
47. Boss never appreciated my work.
48. Over Qualified for that position, and employer denied my promotion for a higher position.
49. Office was very far from home, so it took lot of time to reach.
50. I found no better career in that company.

Well, even you may wonder that do such mistakes really happen, and the answer is yes. Almost 80% of them are found in resumes written by people who have never read any resume in their life and were writing it for the first time. Obviously none of them was offered the job. So if you are writing your resume for the first time then do refer our other posts on writing professional resumes, and please please please avoid making such mistakes.
All the Best!!

* Last Puzzle Ans: NEELAM


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