Top 50 Weird and Crazy Job Titles Ever

Top 50 Weird Job Titles Ever

A Job Title is a term that defines about the position and work that the employee who is assigned that title doing. There are various kinds of job titles which differs from job to job, and also there are many jobs which have different titles but are assigned for a same position in a corporate office. I am a good reader of books and newspaper and on every Wednesday when I read my paper, I also read the job classifieds section that comes exclusively on that day.
                           If you are reading this article then you will be surely aware about what comes on that page, but for those who don’t know, that section of the newspaper contains the advertisements about the various job vacancies for various positions present in various firms. Reading across those blocks, I also discover some of the most weird job titles which I think many of us would not have ever heard of. Here is the list of the 50 Weirdest and Crazy Job Titles:

1. Chaplain: Minister of a secular institution.

2. Aides Supervisor: A person who supervises about the medicines distributed during some

3. Case Manager: Another name for co-ordinator.

4. Community Organizer: A person who keeps record of a particular community.

5. Executive Director of Nonprofit: Executive Director of some Non Profit Tasks.

6. Fund-Raiser: A person of a marketing team who helps raise some funds for the

organization from various sponsors.

7. Major Gift Director: Responsible for overall managements of gift programs.

8. Light Engineer: A person who deals with lights.

9. Medical Social Worker: A Doctor who offers free medical services.

10. Policy Analyst: A person who analyses a policy.

11. Recreational Therapy Director: A person who deals with managing recreational

12. Pastor: Leader of Christian Congregation.

13. Attorney: A person who practices Aviation Laws.

14. Animal Caregiver: A person who takes care of animals.

15. Stewards: Multilingual Flight Attendant.

16. Manager of  Apprenticeship: A person who manages apprentices.

17. Gate Agent: A person who manages gates at airport.

18. Dispatcher: Logistics Handler.

19. Barn Manager: Highly Skilled Horseman.

20. Kennel Assistant: Interns of Animal Care.

21. Lobbyist: Person who is hired to convince people.

22. Doggie Attendant: A person who takes care of Dogs.

23. Sous Chef: Assistant Chef.

24. Turbine Analyst: A person who manages turbines in power plants.

25. Outreach Coordinator: Type of Coordinator.

26. Inside Sales Representative: Part of Sales Team.

27. Portfolio Optimist: A person who optimizes portfolios.

28. Strategic Purchaser: Procurement processes related to purchasing activities.

29. Hair Picasso: Western Hair Styler.

30. Capellini Cooker:  A person who cooks pasta.

31. Appraisals Assistant: Helps appraisers in buying a property.

32. Bid Analyst: Who decides auction prices.

33. SAP Solution Architect: Who markets business solutions to clients.

34. SaaS Data Scientist: Manages SaaS Data.

35. Curated Merchant Analyst: Unique merchant products analyst.

36. Layette Designer: Newborn child clothes designer.

37. Dolly Grip: A dedicated technician trained to operate the camera dolly in

38. Happiness Advocate: A person who solves simple problems.

40. Lead Rigger: A person who creates animation.

41. Change Magician: Basically a councillor who brings change in a society.

42. Chief Biscuit Dunker: Biscuit Taster.

43. Master Handshaker: Who makes deals for people.

44. Wrangler: A cowboy kind of person who takes care of horses.

45. Kayaking Instructor: A person who teaches people to ride kayaks.

46. Feedback Director: A person who takes surveys and collects feedback.

47. Marketing Ninja: Marketing Executive.

48. Dream Alchemist: Creative Head.

49. Chief Chatter: A person who manages call centers.

50. Hyphenated Actor: A person who dubs in different voices and languages.

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