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11). What is disadvantage of context filters?
Ans: *The context filter is not frequently changed by the user – if the filter is changed the database must recompute and rewrite the temporary table, slowing performance.
*When you set a dimension to context, Tableau creates a temporary table that will require a reload each time the view is initiated. For Excel, Access and text data sources, the temporary table created is in an Access table format. For SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle data sources, you must have permission to create a temporary table on your server. For multidimensional data sources, or cubes, temporary tables are not created, and context filters only define which filters are independent and dependent.

12). How To remove the All options from a Tableau auto-filter ?
Ans: Right click filter >> customize >> uncheck show all option

13). Can we use non-used columns (Columns which are not used in reports but data source has columns) in Tableau Filters?
Ans: Yes!
Ex: In data source I have column like empID,EmpName,EmpDept,EmpDesignation,EmpSalary
In reports I am using empname on columns and empsalry on rows.
I can use empDesignation on Filters

14). What is benefit of tableau extract file over the live connection?
Ans: Extract can be used anywhere without any connection and you can build your own visualizations without connecting to Database.

15). How to combine two excel files with same fields but different data (different years)?
Ans: I have 5 different excel files(2007.xls, 2008.xls.. 2011.xls) with same fields(film name, genre,budget, rating, profitability) but with data from different year(2007 to 2011). Can someone tell me how can I combine the film name, genre and profitability so that I can see the visualization of 2007 to 2011 in a singe chart ?

16). Max no of tables we can join in Tableau?
Ans: We can join max 32 table, it’s not possible to combine more than 32 tables.

17). What is the difference between joining and blending in Tableau?

18). What are Dimensions and Facts?

Ans: Dimentions is nothing but the descriptive text columns and facts are nothing but mesures (numerical values).dimention ex:productname city..facts:sales ,profit

19). Can we place an excel file in a shared location and use it to develop a report and refresh it in regular intervals?
Ans: Yes you can do it.. but for the better performance use extract

20). What is the difference between heat map and tree map?
Ans: A heat map is a great way to compare categories using color and size. In this, you can compare two different measures. Tree map is a very powerful visualization, particularly for illustrating hierarchical (tree-structured) data and part-to-whole relationships.
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